Introducing Clopo Quest for Power Pack

Day 4,123, 07:42 Published in Romania Romania by Clopoyaur
You like ClopoyaurTV and you are watching it every single time?
You want to win prizes but everything is rigged and you never get drawn?
You want a new challenge to have some fun and gain the most wanted pack in eRepublik for free?

I've decided to make an experiment. A Quest!

Complete the following Missions untill the 31st of March and you will get a Power Pack. No raffles, no luck needed. Plain and simple.

Yes, once you have completed these 5 Missions, you have the Power Pack delivered in your account in the first hours when it becomes available in Erepublik.

What's with these Missions? Let me explain them a bit better:

A) Mission 1: GET 1750 Clopo$$$

The Clopo$$$ is the virtual currency you win by watching Clopoyaur TV. It can be earned in the following manners:
* You get 1 Clopo$$$ for every 3 minutes spent on the stream, when Clopoyaur TV is LIVE
* You get 1 Clopo$$$ for every 25 minutes spent on the stream, when Clopoyaur TV is OFFLINE (or hosting another channell)
* You get 15 Clopo$$$ for each loot you are sending and displayed during the stream (Loots explained below)
* You get 100 Clopo$$$ for each 1 EURO donated to the stream
* You can multiply or lose your Clopo$$$ in different events on the stream, like betting and playing Beach Volley
You can check how many Clopo$$$ do you have at anytime by typing "!$$$" in ClopoyaurTV chat.

B ) Mission 2: SPEND 1.500.000 SPARKS ON ClopoyaurTV

For watching Mixer, you are getting sparks (upper right corner of the screen next to your nickname). You are getting 50 sparks/minute (3000/h) when watching ClopoyaurTV or any other stream on Mixer. You are getting 100 sparks/minute if are a subscriber of the channell or if you have Mixer Pro activated or if you are watching Channell One.
After you farm the sparks, spend them in ClopoyaurTV by using skills or the Interactive Board. You have to spend 1.5 million sparks until the 31st of March 2019.
If this sounds like Subatomic Phisics, come on the stream, you will get it instantly.
You can check how many sparks you have spent this month anytime by typing "!spark" in ClopoyaurTV chat.

C) Mission 3: SEND 12 LOOTS

Loots are a free way to support ClopoyaurTV by sending a personalized message that appears on the stream next to a commercial. You can send it at the following link - .
Please note that you can send loots only when ClopoyaurTV is LIVE.
If you are not registered on the site, you will additionally have to click a confirmation link that arrives in your email to finish the loot. If you are registered to the Loots site, that is no longer necessary.
Please note that only the loots that are displayed during the stream are counted towards the Mission.
You can check how many Loots you have sent this month anytime by typing "!Loots" in ClopoyaurTV chat.

D) Mission 4: BE IN THE STREAM 7 TIMES at 12:00 EREP TIME

You need to be in the stream (having the stream open and running) at 12:00 Erep time at least 7 times during the month of March when ClopoyaurTV is LIVE.
For this you, will receive an item which is called Clock. The Clocks are added automatically, you don't need to take any other action.
You can check how many Clocks you have anytime by typing "!Clocks" in ClopoyaurTV chat.


Every eRepubik stream that reaches an audience of minimum 50 viewers has a Pyramid. If that certain Pyramid reaches the TOP, all viewers get an item called Pyramids. You need 4 of these for the Mission.
Like the Clocks, this is awarded to every viewer who is present on the stream when a Pyramid reaches the Top. The Pyramids are added automatically and does not need any additional action from the viewers. Just be there when the event happens.
If the Pyramid did not reach the last step, no Pyramids are awarded in that stream. Pyramids are limited to one per stream.
You can check how many Pyramids you have anytime by typing "!Pyramids" in ClopoyaurTV chat.


Once you have finished the Clopo Quest by completing the above missions, you can request the Power Pack! Since this is a the first time trying this system, the amount of Power Packs awarded is limited to a maximum of 15.
You can track your progress of the missions with the "!PP" command in the chat. That will display "your inventory" towards the completion of Clopo Quest.

No matter who you are, no matter the level, luck, race or nation, this Mission is open to everybody.

You can try and grind 100 BH to gather the cc to buy it or... get it for free on ClopoyaurTV! The challenge is ON!



1) I have the Power Pack, can I get a different Pack?
Yes, you have the option to choose a different 10 Euro Pack. Furthermore, you have the possibility to get a Steam game worth 10 Euro or more from a list that will be published in a few days instead.

2) Do I have to use skills only or everything is counted for the Sparks spent?
No matter if you are using Skills or the Interactive board, all sparks spent in the month of March count towards the mission

3) I have finished all the missions of the Quest. How do I get the Power Pack?
You send me a message and I validate your win. Then you are getting the Pack once it is available for sale in Erepublik.

4) I finished the Clopo Quest, however I was 16th to do it. Do I get anything?
Packs are available to the first 15 people to do it. However, you will still get a prize worth 10 Euro (a Steam game).

5) I sent a ton of loots, but only few of them were displayed, why?
Loots are limited to one for every 5 minutes, therefore when everybody is sending Loots, those are put in the queue and they are displayed in the order they arrived. Only the loots that appear on the stream are counted towards the Mission.

6) How often can I send Loots?
Once every 15 minutes. However, they will be displayed according to 5)

7) I am low level in Erep, can I participate?
Of course, everyone can. Your level cannot influence any of the requirements for the Mission.

8 ) So, in order to get Clocks I just need to be in the stream at 12:00 Erep time. Is that correct?
Yes! That is correct. Also, ClopoyaurTV must be LIVE!

9) I have some extra items, can I give them to someone else?
For the moment, trading items is not an option.


Feel free to send questions, if anything unclear, in the comments. I will reply as soon as possible.