CS Committee

Day 4,121, 01:56 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Vincent Rekdal

Good morning to everyone. With this article I would like to clarify an important matter that was object of many discussions inside the TLP and in all the country.

We are in a particular moment where due to foreign occupation many bulgarian friends are looking for a new land to continue their farming activities.

Our constitution in article II point C explains very well how eSwitzerland decides about CS Requests.

Let's see the article:

c. Citizenship
-There will be a Committee of Immigration
-Members of the Committee of Immigration are 1 representative from each of the 4 most important parties of the country, the country advisor, CP, MoD and MoFA.
-They each will serve 1 month, and their terms will be staggere😛 Meaning that each month the elected President will replace one outgoing member.
-The 4 members from parties are suggested by PP to CP
-There are no limits on the amount of consecutive terms or total terms for members of the Committee
-The Committee of Immigration will publish applicants for Swiss citizenship and their decision on whether or not an applicant is accepted in an in-game message all members of Congress will receive.
-The Committee of Immigration will also be in charge of background checking each applicant requesting citizenship.
-The Committee decides whether applicants are a threat with a simple majority vote. The voters are just the parties’ representative. In case of a draw Country Advisor decides
-The Committee of Immigration can only make their recommendations towards the denial of citizenship based on whether or not the applicants are deemed to pose a PTO threat. They can not make decisions based on personal bias or due to the nation of origin of the applicant.
-If their job is deemed unsatisfactory, or a member is found disapproving citizens due to personal reasons actions can be taken towards their removal
- People in the Swiss black list are not allowed to take the citizenship
- Former Swiss citizen’s request is fast-tracked
- Every citizenship request is suspended 1 day after elections for the time of election. (4-5, 14-15, 24-25 of every month)

As you can see there are 4 members from each of the 4 most important parties of the country that have the right to vote and decide about CS requests.
CP, MOFA and MOD are advisors of the Committee, giving important informations that can help the members to express their vote.
Anyway the vote should have a solid motivation such us a clear risk of PTO,
and under no circumstances this should vote represent discrimination.

I'm very grateful TLP members that open a discussion about that, a members of the Committee we need to think deeply about the reason why we decided to vote against a CS request and we have to understand that if the only reason is 'there are too many people from that country coming' this is not a valid PTO reason but it's simply a discrimination.

Let's open a discussion about that.

Thank you