Useless features

Day 4,116, 06:45 Published in Romania Romania by costin1989

Let's see the list of feature in this game which are simply useless:

1bombs and damage boosters factory
does anybody use it anymore? do you know this factory exists in the game? they are too expensive to worth using it

why should anybody use such a weapon?
Yeah, let's say it is useful when you need 1 kill/hit

3 aircraft industry
raw materials and aircraft missles are simply too expensive to worth produce them. you better buy energy bars instead of such products.

4 q1-q6 weapons and weapons factories
i think nobody use such a weapon. everybody could buy q7 weapons or, if they don't then simply fight without weapons.

5Guerrilla Fight
Is there anybody fighting PvP, and if there is, why whould you spend a lot of time there to get almost nothing more than fighting regular battles?

6.I forgot about q1-q4 moving tickets 🙂

what are they used for? how to do produce them? no they can't be produced anymore but they are in the marketplace. that's really useless

If you know any other feature of this game which is useless, please let me know.

In the next article i will try to explain how every one of this feature can be changed in order to became a useful one from the point of view of the players.

And don't forget, happy players - happy customers, more money in the (plato) bank account!

See you soon!