State Loans Project Start

Day 4,114, 02:27 Published in Japan Japan by BastovanSurcinski
Respected all. And everyone else.

It is with great sadness that I must tell you that only two citizens have applied for the State Loans project. I am sincerely disappointed, to be honest, I was hoping for more people to participate since the State is literally giving away some of the money... I apologize for the delay on my end, the funds should have been distributed like two weeks ago or so, but thank God I have a life outside this game that has prevented me from doing so.

Anyways, the two people that have signed up for the project are:

1. MileUbivah
2. BODA90

Since the initial calculations, the gol😛cc ratio has risen, so 1 gold now weighs 554 cc. Because of that, the total amount paid to the above-mentioned accounts is 184.340cc.

Both MileUbivah and BODA90 are to return half of the granted sum, 92170 cc, by the end of September 2019. Portions are not specified in any way, so the credited ones can return the money the way it suits them the best.

The progress can be tracked in this sheet. The money has been sent, the proof of payment can be found in the sheet.

The two citizens are to provide proof of the factories built in form of screenshots. The links to the screenshots will also be published in the sheet.

All the conditions listed in the original article are still the only ones valid, save for the gold rate.

Once again, I am really saddened by the low response rate. It either shows that there are no really active players here anymore, or that we do not trust each other that much. I really meant for this project to raise the activity of our players and maybe even tie us closer one to another, but the results are really disappointing.

Should anyone else decide to take part in the project and start producing food in eJapan, please contact me. I have temporarily moved to eUkraine due to our training war with eRussia that is preventing me from working in my factories there, but I will still be leading the project, regardless.