[MoF] Economic Indicators of eCanada: Day 4,088

Day 4,088, 10:27 Published in Canada Canada by Canadian Ministry of Finance

This is the first week of the new Economic Indicators of Canada. This will be a weekly article outlining some of the economic variables and how they are changing in eCanada. It looks at the CPI, Median Wage and WAM tax.

The base prices were taken on Day 4,081.

Consumer Price Index (CPI)

The basket of goods being looked at for the typical eCanadian citizen per week to calculate the CPI is: 84 Q7 weapons, 2100 Q2 food, and 1 Q1 house. This is based on each citizen using a Q1 house non-stop, and using 1,200 energy per day for fighting, always using a Q7 weapon to fight. The base prices will be the prices of each good on Day 4,081.

The Cost of the basket on the base day was: $14,797
The Cost of the basket on Day 4,088: $15,954

This makes a CPI of 107.82, which leads to an inflation rate in eCanada of 7.82% over the last 7 days.


The cost of Q2 food went down by 4 cents, the cost of housing went up 199.99, and the cost of Q7 weapons went up 12.40 per weapon. The increase in the price of weapons was likely caused by the continuation of the World War, and especially with the renewed hositilities and airstrikes taking place.

Median Wage

The Median Wage was 1001 cc on Day 4,081. On Day 4,088, the median wage had dropped in eCanada to 800.01. This represents a decrease of 20.08%

The Median wage is determined by taking the top 5 wages on the eCanadian market and finding the median of them.


As regions of eCanada are taken by our friends in Training Wars, the job opportunities are put on other countries markets and leave ours. This will bring the more lucrative job offers into countries such as Romania, Serbia and Republic Moldova.

WAM tax

The Work-As-Manager (WAM) tax on Day 4,081 was $12.24 per company.

On Day, 4,088, the WAM tax was $13.43. This is an increase of 9.73%


This increase was caused by an increase in the average wage in eCanada.

The next edition will be available on Tuesday February 5th, Day 4,095 of the New World.

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