State Loans for Economy Investments

Day 4,087, 13:47 Published in Japan Ukraine by BastovanSurcinski
Respected all. And everyone else.

As you all know, the option for CO has been disabled. There are no news or even rumors on when and if, at all, it's going to be returned back as an option. Since then, a fine amount of money has been summed up gathered from taxes. We have received a few more rent proposals that would bring us even more income on monthly level.

Because of that the government has decided to start a funding project to help the citizens that have weak accounts and have no production of their own with 50% return only. This is only the initial project that is calculated in advance, where the Citizens agree to build the factories listed in the project details, but for the future project that are sure to come we will agree on the individual level about the amount and purpose of the loans. Here are the details of the first project:

The Goal of the Funding

Increasing the activity of the passive players by introducing them to the economy module of the game
eJapan food production increase
eJapan market sales increase
eJapan tax income increase

Funding Calculation

Gold price used in calculations is 515 cc. The amount might change as it is changing on the daily level. The definite rate that will be used for calculation will be the rate on the date of the agreement between the citizen and the State.
The amount for the grant is 176,150.00, but as stated above, it might be a bit different depending on the rate on the date of the agreement.
Citizen will use that money to raise 7 Q2 Food Factories and 8 Q4 FoodRaw Factories. In theory, the production of food should zero out the production of raw materials with the production of 200%.

Here is the table showing the factory building cost:

And here is the table showing the Production cost and Income:


The Citizen must have eJapanese citizenship for at least a year
- If the account is younger than that, it must be born into eJapan without having the citizenship changed in the meantime, to be at least six months old and have at least 5 Hard Worker medals.
The Citizens that do not have factories higher than Q2 in Food or Weapon industry have the advantage.
The Citizen agrees to raise 7 Q2 Food Factories and 8 Q4 FoodRaw Factories on eJapanese territory.
Citizen must sell the products made by the funded factories on eJapanese market


The Citizen must pay back 50% of the granted sum
The Citizen must repay the 50% within the following 7 months. Here is the table explaining it further:

The number of days needed to gather the money is calculated like this:

50% of the investments divided by the daily earnings plus 21 day needed to buy gold on the market for Food factories.

The deadline is rounded to seven months and will be further postponed if some major changes occur.


The list of the Citizens that have agreed to take the loan will be public and all the donations to and by the citizen will be publicly documented.
The money has been reserved for ten (10) grants for the beginning. Depending on the success of this first project, the State will decide on the further amount of money for the future loans or grants.

Please feel free to ask any questions that you might have. I will be conducting the project and will be in direct communication with all the people that are either interested or involved in the project.
To apply for the loan simply fill out this form. Email address is not required. As stated above, everything will be publicly available and all the donations trackable.