Damn you all

Day 4,087, 05:05 Published in USA Switzerland by TheTrendoResurrected

Dear Americans,

I have returned to this game only to see that the mayhem rages on. America is still suffering occupation, paired with the domestic infighting...hurdur MUH PARTY.
Let me tell you one thing. I am not a stupid person, i am not here to blindly follow someone. I am observing everyone. If you have something to tell me please link an article or screenshot to back you up. I can tell you one more thing. Learn from WTP. Before joining i have had 3 meetings with chickenguys and Dominar Rygel XVI(banned for violating the game laws, i know but it seems it was a misunderstanding?) about their party. They have been responsive and confronting, no surprise i saw a lot of new players join them. Now, what about you lot? Do you expect people to join your party with you doing nothing except having moral superiority? Stand up man! Pull your pants up and get to work.
As for the foreign issue, the Minister of Education has put together par excellence article!

And now, to address the biggest issue of them all. Our future!
"The Owlery" which is the default MU for newbies has been captured by Asterians, and the name stripped down. We have new players joining it to this day.

Yesterday i have noticed a few vocal new players inside so i decided to check the country page and my oh my what a pleasant surprise. I believe we got ourselves a small BabyBoom folks.
The problem tho, is that in the past 2-3 days of me staying here i have not read anyone bring this up, let alone scheme plans to help them. I know that we are weak. Our hits cannot compete with the big fish. D1 hardly matters on the battlefield. But know this, without fresh blood this country, any country, is doomed.
Some of you are disappointed from the admins about xyz, some of you still fap to V1 and some of you simply don`t care anymore. I understand your apathy towards the game. But, is that what to you really want? Feed on the anguish and despair, to welcome the crumblings of America and the server shutdown with a glass of whiskey. Or would you rather take a second shot at it, make the most of your time. Alliances come and go, leaders come and go. Its the community the stays. All your friends left? Aw poor you. Make new friends, they dont bite 🙂 and most certainly they are not lepers.
Whats more tragic is that when i scrolled down the MU wall i noticed that this have been going on for a full month.
If you dont want to hear their cries I will make you hear them!
(open the images with right click-view image if you wish to zoom)

Do you remember the ghost town of Indonesia? It took a BB to flip on its head and bring cheer to the community. I know because i was a guest in their discord server.

So, what do we need? We need a mentorship program ASAP. We need experienced individuals to spend a few extra minutes on the game. We need spam of tutorials on the country wall. And i need you to learn from chickenguys and confront new players, if you wait for them to come to you it may as well be too late.

EDIT: The President has sent a ticket to have The Owlery/Rough Guys removed from the Academy list.