[MoF] Economic Indicators of eCanada

Day 4,083, 10:01 Published in Canada Canada by Canadian Ministry of Finance

Introducing a brand new government newspaper called the Canadian Economist.

This newspaper’s aim is to inform the Canadian populace of different economic indicators of Canada, as well as different financial programs which may become available, such as loans for training grounds, or loans for companies, or tax returns, etc.

Some of the variables which will be published on a weekly basis is the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the median wage in the eCanadian job market, and the WAM tax. A brief description of each variable is given below

Consumer Price Index (CPI)

The Consumer Price Index is a way of measuring inflation within an economy. It takes a specified basket of goods, and measures the change in price between all goods combined to figure out the inflation. In this specific context, the basket of goods being looked at for the typical eCanadian citizen per week is: 84 Q7 weapons, 2100 Q2 food, and 1 Q1 house This is based on each citizen using a Q1 house non-stop, and using 1,200 energy per day for fighting, always using a Q7 weapon to fight. The base prices will be the prices of each good on Day 4,081.

Median Wage

This variable will be determined by taking the top 5 job offers on the eCanadian market, and finding the median between them. This will help give a trend over time of whether wages are increasing, decreasing, or remaining the same. The median is being taken rather than the average, as it is less susceptible to wages on the extreme. For example, if someone posted a wage for 5,000 cc, the median wage would not change as much as the average wage would.

WAM tax

The Work-As-Manager (WAM) tax is determined by the average wage in the country, and then taking the work tax of it. This is what each player pays every time they work in their own company. To calculate this variable, the average wage of Canada was taken, and then based on the work tax of 2%, an amount is determined. This variable is being calculated on the assumption that a Canadian citizen is working in their companies in a Canadian owned region. Your actual tax paid may vary depending on who controls the region at the time.

The first edition will be availabe on Tuesday January 29th, Day 4,088 of the New World.

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