Introducing Clopo's Wheel: Get rich or edie trying!

Day 4,073, 07:55 Published in Romania Romania by Clopoyaur
Your Clopo$$$ are getting even more value in 2019! You were used to redeem determined rewards for your Clopo$$$, but now, there's more!

Starting this month, I am introducing Clopo's Wheel on Clopoyaur TV. Once you are having 1500 Clopo$$$ you can spin the wheel to get a random prizes that varies from 5.000 cc (the smallest one) to even a Power Pack.

So, no matter what, you are getting something cool. This month, as long as they are still available you will get also gifts, but prizes may vary depending on what is happening in Erepublik and can be cc, Gold, weapons, food, gifts, packs, Clops and... sky is the limit.

So, hurry up to have your spin. The first 3 spins that we had last night were a blast: Arty Ro got 15.000 cc, Printsy spin for 20.000 cc, while Animis sky-rocketed 40 Gold.

How do you get the Clopo$$$?

In these very simple ways:

* You get 1 Clopo$$$ for every 3 minutes spent on while I am online
* You get 1 Clopo$$$ for every 20 minutes spent on while I am offline.
* You get 15 Clopo$$$ for every loot you send while I am online at
* You get 100 Clopo$$$ for every 1 Euro you donate to the stream
And, of course, you can multiply or lose your dollars by making bets on different events in the stream.

Is it hard to gather 1500 Clopo$$$?

Let's calculate:
* If you leave the stream open non-stop (because you are running CB anyway, upps... ) you get 2.4 Clopo$$$ per hour, that is 57.6 per day and 1785 per month. Mission completed, Spin activated.
* I might also stream like 10-15 days for 3-4 hours each day in one month. That is like 40 hours on average. 40 hours and 20 Clopo$$$ per hour, means another 800 Clopo$$$. Add to the offline time... and you may even have enough for 2 spins.

And this just by doing nothing. You may be inspired and place some good bets... and in this case... sky is the limit.

Can you do it?

But, of course, you can go bigger and aim for even better or funny prizes from the list below:

500 Clopo$$$ = 1000 cc
1000 Clopo$$$ = 2000 cc
1250 Clopo$$$ = Summon an Epic Treasure Chest (minimum prize = 5000 cc)
1500 Clopo$$$ = Spin Clopo's Wheel
2000 Clopo$$$ = 20 Gold
2500 Clopo$$$ = Summon a Legendary Teasure Chest (minimum prize = 20000 cc)
3000 Clopo$$$ = 15.000 cc
5000 Clopo$$$ = Challenge Clopoyaur to dance
5000 Clopo$$$ = Token for reviving the Pyramid
5000 Clopo$$$ = A random decent Steam game
5000 Clopo$$$ = Challenge Clopoyaur to play a game of your choice in the next stream for at least 1 hour (proving the tech conditions allow it)
7500 Clopo$$$ = 1000 Q7 weapons
7500 Clopo$$$ = Challenge Clopoyaur to karaoke (minimum 2 songs)
10000 Clopo$$$ = 10 Euro Pack
10000 Clopo$$$ = 100.000 cc
10000 Clopo$$$ = Challenge Clopoyaur to create a competition for the ClopoCrew
15000 Clopo$$$ = 15 Euro Pack
20000 Clopo$$$ = An emote of your wish for a month (according to Mixer Terms of Service)
25000 Clopo$$$ = 500.000 cc
25000 Clopo$$$ = Clopoyaur TV T-Shirt

Game ON! See you there - - at 11:00 Erep time every night I am streaming!