PM with the title 'BH' - Positive article no. 4 :)

Day 4,030, 17:21 Published in Croatia Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Hi all!
I want to share with you a nice thing that happened to me on eRep 😉
2 days ago while I was searching for some air battle to rank myself up / help to someone with this little dmg I can do (currently I'm lvl 32, strength 298.50), I clicked on some Vermont ground battle as there was no 1st from my list, and I found a country for which I needed few mor kills to fill in 25 bucket for Mercenary medal.. At some point, I decided to see 'what does this bomb doooo?' and will it bring more kills 😃 and it happened so fast, so I used it for a second time to see how it looks.. I actually expected a bit more 🙂
I refreshed after some time waiting for ff to fill in, and shoot some more of this endless bullets, and soon I noticed the PM alert.

PM had the title 'BH'.. At first I didn't even remember that BH stands for Battle Hero medal 🙂
And I was surprised a bit.. it was not someone from my friends list nor the nickname I knew from Telegram chat.. And even more when I have read the PM.. I don't like to put private conversations to the public eyes, but I have to this time as it would take too many of my words to explain the context - and I'm sure my new eFriend will not mind 😉

I have seen you passing me in Vermont.
I would generally shoot and take back the first place, but I see this is your first BH so I won't make it harder and I won't shoot. I hope you will have luck, take the BH and cheer for me too!

At that point I really wasn't aware that I could win some medal, I forgot that they exist actually 🙂 And was a bit sad that I took something from someone, further more by accident.. but also a bit excited with thinking that I could take some medal that is not the Mercenary one 🙂 Mixed feelings 😃

At the end I didn't won the medal, nor did the player who sent me a PM.. but actually destiny intended for the third player to take the BH Medal.. and I'm happy for him.
I see that he is currently lvl 69, on his wall it says that he plays for 94 days for real, and I see that he was born in eRep long time before me, and has 246 BH medals! Congrats for that and everything else you collected and will in the future!
I hope that one day I will be as good, and better 🙂

And I got not 1 but 2 eRep friends from this battle in Vermont 🙂
And most important, the PM I got for me has more value than any BH or other medal 😉
So that would be one more thing on my list why I like this eWorld 😉
And one day when I write that article, I sincerely hope the list will be very looooooooooong 😉

And you know, so far, 19th day on eRep passing - and I'm still full of wonder and delighted how many people helped me in my first eRep baby steps! And still helping me with answering to all the questions I have, giving me advices etc.. I have to go through the lists of alerts, chats, PMs and endorsements to name them all, and that is in plan for some other article 🙂

So just to say at the end..
Stay strong and fight with your heart and mind in the positive place 😉
And help each other when you can, asked or just if you see the opportunity to help someone smaller fighting with those who only know how to grind and break their toys 😃

And, specially when you see that someone needs encouragement, or needs to grow more in this eRep world of pp, ff, cc, bhs, chs.. and all other shortcuts I still have to discover and learn about 🙂 -> Please help those the most, as I'm sure you can refresh your memory and remember how hard it was for you when you started to play the eRepublik.

Never give up!
Always stay positive!
And when you can - provide help and friendship to others in eRep 😉
We make our own world 😉

And this is for me, so I can look back: