[PoA][PF]Battle for Lower Austria

Day 4,029, 06:41 Published in Austria Austria by Prince of Austria
Dear readers,

We all remember some hard battles. Battles which are won with great tactics, great friends, a lot of money and a lot of will. I have witnessed a lot of battles through my time on eRepublik. Some won, some lost and some won by our help. Austria is a small country, but I believe that she has some of the greatest people that I have ever met. Big heart, sharp mind - tacticians, military commanders, great presidents!

Lets get back to the story.. Well it was Day 1,717 of the New World. Austria was conquered by Croatia and Romania. I was the president back then, and trust me, presidents don’t want to see their countries conquered by enemies. It all started as simple as any day. Then when I came on chat, my friends told me that we might have a chance of a successful resistance war in one of our conquered regions. I thought for a bit, and then went to talk to the Macedonian CP. After that I visited the IRC channel of the Hungarian president, and the one from Poland. They all confirmed that they can help us, so we can get our regions back. The plan was simple, “divide and conquer”. Romania had only 1 region conquered in Austria. That was Lower Austria. But Croatia had the rest of the regions. Fighting both of them would be a disaster. First we started a resistance war in Lower Austria. Our friends already knew they have to fight for us, so they even had some special channels opened on IRC. Lets not forget our neighbors, Slovakia and Switzerland. Even though some parts of their regions were conquered as well, they proved to be great allies and helped us in the hard battle.

Soon after that we opened our own channel, #autarmy. Austria is a small country and her treasure is limited, but we fought with everything we had. It was now or never, so we went all in! Hours without sleeping, supplying on IRC, making new agreements.. Me and my friends, we used all our bazookas, tanks and energy bars. The battle was very tight. Just as we thought that we will lose this battle, the wall on the battle turned for our side. Polish MU were told that Austria needs help! After that we felt more and more secured. The battle was coming to an end, and Austria was very close to succeed and return one of their regions, but one more thing - Romania would be taken care of, and Croatia would be left alone.

Victory! After very long and tiring day, Austria won the battle, and our friends proposed the NE law to defeat Croatia. Macedonia from the south, Hungary from the east, Poland from the north. We finally freed one of our regions! After that we celebrated a bit, and I (as president of the country) felt very proud of my country, my people, my friends and of the alliance we were part of. After all, coordination is what we all need, in order to be successful.

After that we realized USA would be coming into Europe through France, and please notice that Airstrikes didn’t exist at that time and moving through countries was a little bit hard, but as soon as one of the great powers stepped in your land, they were there to stay. We couldn’t let that happen, so we started to make a plan on how to get USA out of Europe. TWO was blooming at this time, and we really had a lot of good people to work with. A lot of operations happened from that moment onwards but I will never forget the one where the little country that was taken advantage of , grew up into something better. Where we all gave our best, when only a dozen soldiers stood up for what is wrong and proved that friendship along with good strategy can set everyone free.

Prince of Austria

This article is written as a submission to the Day 4000 Media Contest, Category 3: ‘Best Record of a Large War/Military Operation’ by the Plato Foundation