If you are not a Pilot yet, now is the chance

Day 4,019, 13:15 Published in India India by wittyprakash

Hello fighters of eIndia. I'm assuming you have got the free +110 energy recovery and +1110 energy center. This means every 1 hour-2 hour (based on no. of houses you have active) you will get to refill all your energy. This is the first time in the history of eRep I'm seeing such a huge energy recovery. So my suggestion for you guys is to use this wisely.

1) BH hunters can easily win a BH medal every 1 hour.
2) I suggest everyone else to focus on increasing your Aircraft ranking. Fight in any aircraft battle on any side and burn all your recovered energy after every hour. Pilots are the backbone and only hope for eIndia(applies to all countries with less population).

Hope is a good thing,