Your second warning

Day 4,018, 12:43 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Vincent Rekdal

Few hours ago I published an article askying to our invaders to go home. There was also a flag representing some dog eaters.

Then admins deleted the article and gave me my first warning for FLAMING.

So let's see some eRepublik Laws

1. User generated content which contains vulgarities, pornography, insults, flaming, spam and/or external advertising is disallowed.
2. The use of a system exploit is disallowed.
3. Creating or administrating multiple citizen accounts is prohibited.

Let's see point 1.

User generated content
The part that you might be most interested in is the chronology of the penalties that will be applied in case the first eRepublik Law is not respected. The table below explains exactly their order and other details:

This time I don't agree with admins.
I mean I eat vegetables and I do not eat meat, but I've no problem if someone call me vegetarian or vegan.
Also I have nothing against people that eat meat, I mean pork meat, or cow meat, or dog meat or frog meat. Everyone can do what he want with is life. Sure I know that we could be in better place without meat consumption but I can not force anyone. I'm pretty sure that my article was just satiric and not a flaming article, moreover, what is more flaming, an article or a military occupation???

Well I need 25 comments and I've no problem if some french frog eaters will leave me a comment also!