A glimpse of the past...

Day 4,014, 01:31 Published in Greece Cyprus by George The Mercifull

After nearly 7 years in the New World it is almost impossible to bring back all the memories in order to compose a proper article sharing them with eRepublik community. Nonetheless, it felt right to give it a try honoring the good old days.

Things were pretty much simple on my mind as I closed my eyes & let my memories flow like a river.

By far the best days in the New World for me were the days we created along with other fellow Greeks the idea of “Greek Division 3”. It was something inspiring for the Greek Community as it was pioneer in all ways. It united Greeks into a common target and goal, making our Div3 strong for the upcoming fights while creating tight bonds between its members so they eventually become a big wild family.

All so different yet all the same

And that’s what we became, a brotherhood. Who can forget the long lasting discussions each & every night when most of the times we ended up teasing each other, making jokes & laughing hard, forgetting how the discussion started or what battle plans we had to make and organize. That was the key to have a balanced “War Machine” that was as deadly in the battlefields as irresistible in the circle messages…because trust me when these guys started to talk you couldn’t resist taking part!

At this point, before referring to these great guys indeed, I would like to share with you the fact that all the above were so difficult to become true if you keep in mind that we were not a MU. We belonged in many different MUs but we were acting like one unit, one mind, one heart & that’s how we were so close with each other.

We even cut our New Year’s cake back in 2016

Finally, as I promised I would like to mention my fellows that were there with me when this idea took flesh & bones honoring them in my own way. Thodoris Trismegistos2, gio2aleGR, SotirisA, SteliosRS7, Ateliotos, Lemessianos, AggelosPnS, gz21, Peiraius, TigerII91, 3ka1inos, pammaxoc, Vaggelisker, George Polixni, Polemidakis, Makrugiannis, par vriz21, Epimaxos, MacedoniaGreece, trelo maximi, AchiG, spiounakis, saboter74, Lakis Gavalas, Theodoros Kolokotronis, BIG JOHN 85, MacWrath, Talos, flywiz, erevons, KIKI, crazy pirate, kakarin, ipparxos, Alladeen, karatoulas, THAYMASTHSSOU, myrmid0nas, 7Carvallo7 & ofcourse the one & only guardian angel of Greek Division 3 exohoritis who was one of the brilliant minds coming up with this idea & made a huge effort in order to help us back then.

Thanks for reading everyone, forgive me if I forgot to mention someone & I'm looking forward for some feedback from the old gang.

Faithfully yours,
George The Mercifull

This article is written as a submission to the Day 4000 Media Contest, Category 2: ‘Best Memories from the New World’ by the Plato Foundation