[PoA][PF]Into the future

Day 4,003, 06:27 Published in Austria Austria by Prince of Austria
Dear readers,

We are never sure what the future holds, and we can play Nostradamus all we want but the thing is we are the ones that determine the concept of what is yet to come. We make our own destiny. As for trying to tell what happens next, ah it’s a difficult task but some things are certain. Battles will become ultimately futile as farming and preparing (I wonder why) for a massive campaign, a shootout that lasts maybe 2 days, is the only thing people think about. There won’t be great and epic battles like we were used to see in the past. Tanking for hours and days, and even months. Gatherings on IRC and giving away weapons to fight with will also die (maybe it already did). People will continue to sell packs in order to gather money for dictatorships or putting insane Combat Orders in order to win a round or the entire campaign and maybe mock the other guys that lost. Alliances don’t exist no more, and new ones won’t be made because there is no point anymore, as all the passion and “hate” that countries had towards one another is gone, and there is no more drive force that will break this farming madness and bring back the fun in the game. Gold will continue to rise on the Monetary Market and weapon prices will hit the roof (it already did), so fighting with weapons will only be reserved for the rich guys. That won’t be a problem though as bigdogs already rule the world and have from 5-10k gold reserves on their accounts while young people will struggle and ultimately quit the game due to the difference they have with the “packers”.

More and more people will quit the game and only trolls will stay to heal their complexes here as they can’t do that in the RL. Other than that about 5% of the people will stay because of the friendships they’ve made (not that they are enjoying the game anymore) but logging in to say hi and maybe work and train. Strength already has a massive gap between players and more and more new people will quit playing their new weak accounts and try to buy stronger ones. That means that the number of people playing the game stays the same - or ultimately drops. Soon there will be someone to hit the 100k battle hero rank, and there will be more and more people turning away from tank battles and maybe trying their luck in the aircraft module (as that seems more fair and reachable, although I’m not sure about the 2nd thing..).

As for near future we all expect some nice events and discounts for Black Friday and the anniversary birthday of eRepublik, right after that maybe for Christmas and New Year. Proved in the past and a few days ago, they are known to have let us down, although we are the driving force of the game. So dear peps if I were you I’d start holding my breath now, because if nothing fun happens.. Hey maybe you’ll be brave enough to leave and save yourself. Until further read stay full hp, don’t waste your gold and farm I guess, ain’t nothing else to do anyways

Prince of Austria

This article is written as a submission to the Day 4000 Media Contest, Category 1: ‘Best Forecast for Next 1000 Days’ by the Plato Foundation