[PoA][PF]Once upon a time

Day 4,000, 06:52 Published in Austria Austria by Prince of Austria
Dear readers,

Time flies very fast, and when you look in the upper corner of the screen you’ll see its Day 4000 today. Many prizes, some good some bad, some reachable and some not (at least not by mortals like me). Funny thing is I started playing this game 7 years ago but I remember like it was yesterday. It was a different game back then, people played it with passion. Moreover about 500.000 players played it actively, and when you think that Poland, Serbia and some other countries had 70k-50k active people every day. Yeah, not many of the new guys know, or the old ones remember the good ol’ days.

When people hung out on IRC everyday talking about eRepublik, planning the next great invasion, making tactics about how to connect regions in order to benefit from the bonus resources (when the map was cool and not buggy). And then some people (much like me) were making plans on how to get out of the dust, rise up from the floor and maybe make a Q2 food company in order to have food for themselves. Ah yes, everyone wanted to find a spot for themselves in the New World. Some people wanted to fight in battles rather than involve themselves in politics or economy (which was a bit broken). At least treasure maps existed back then, and some lucky people got their fair share of golds. Maybe some of you remember those? I got an old gem right here:

I remember when people gave their best to win hard battles, and please notice I’m talking about the time when 500k damage was enough to win all the battle hero medals and the campaign hero. There were no Aircraft battles, and no Airstrikes and people were wondering how in the hell did Croatia make its way all the way to Mexico. And then other countries went there to wipe them, and then there were battles in Europe for domination, epic battles, not epic like today but epic epic battles, with no prestige points and no nothing, but Romper tanking for 8 hours straight. Yes yes, the days when we were all aprox the same lvl except for some legends like them, who got to the 100 level first. We couldn’t even imagine that, as for us mortals 100 level was beyond the galaxy, its was science fiction.

And then there were presidents. All those wonderful people who wasted hours in planning and realizing things, (a bit lying), making cabinets, searching for the right ministers for the jobs. Ah it feels like yesterday when I first became president, couldn’t sleep for a week, dat stress was over the roof. Back when there were hospitals and defense systems which helped a lot in hard battles. When there was no Q6 and Q7 weapons and food, but Q5 costed a lot more than you can imagine. Back when there were world currencies and people made plans on how to make gold easier, when there were giveaways on IRC channels for tanks in order to “act” a mercenary and the real Mercenary medal didn’t exist at all. People were happy when they had 100 gold in their pockets and food for the week, weapons were only for the rich and only for important battles. When everyone was waiting for the discount in order to upgrade the training grounds and companies, when there were no packs and the economy worked magic. When alliances were a real thing and EDEN and TWO fought for 2 years, when cities had mayors, when Lana trained you everyday 😛. And I'm sure there are many people that remember the good old map we had back in the days.. Ah yes, that map worked wonders! Everyone liked it because it was precise, but most of all because it wasn't buggy as the one we have now..

When having a Q5 food factory meant you are making food for the whole country market, and you were on top of the world (yeah right), when strategies actually made sense, when we could have changed the world, when we did change the world and when we refused to be humiliated, when we took the last stand, when we won. When we made friendships that last till today, when we made enemies (but only ingame), when we had a reason to play the game.

We made memories, and that’s all that matters in the end. Having something to remember and hold onto tight, because after all, the time you’ve spent here doesn’t necessarily have to be wasted.

Everything good must come to and end, but we, the ones that remember will stay forever in history like tombstones to tell the tale of a once great game.

Prince of Austria

This article is written as a submission to the Day 4000 Media Contest, Category 2: ‘Best Memories from the New World’ by the Plato Foundation