[Plato Foundation]Week 54: Happy Halloween!

Day 3,998, 10:13 Published in Belgium Belgium by mittekemuis

From the community for the community with the help of Plato’s notorious gold reserve

Report week 54

Earlier this week, Adinusk and Curlybear worte an elaborate report to inform the community Plato Foundation has to look at itself and aim for some changes again to be able to continue this work.

Projects who have been supported by the Foundation for several months now have seen their grants cut down over the past weeks but will soon come to a full stop to allow the Plato Foundation to spend its budget on new projects that also deserve help and a chance to grow. While we know that this not great news for the project leaders, we are aiming to extend our help to other members of the community as well.

Announcement time!

We are very excited to welcome Kitarou as the newest Plato Foundation board member. He is a celebrated member of the the eRepublik community, a Legend of Discord and a lover of coffee, Belgian choco and Belgian beer (we get it, he has a thing for Belgian goodies xD).

While today is Halloween and some of you are enjoying the spooky-themed Weekly Challenge in eRepublik, maybe some of you also noticed we are closing in on Day 4000 of the New World. This calls for a competition of our own - if you’re curious, come back on Friday to see what we’ve prepared for you.

Now let’s talk projects:

Ongoing projects:

As acting liaison officer for the Irish Army, I was asked to write a little paragraph on their ongoing project. I asked them three question to assess how much of an impact Plato Foundation has had on them. The full interview can be found at the end of the report but I will give you a quick recap. The Irish army was allowed to grow and prosper with the gold they received until now. They didn’t have any structure in place before and are not yet ready to be on their own two feet. I hope however that when we have to stop the funding that they can find a way to continue as they are. The Irish army has sent in their report for week 11. They received 200 Gold this week and received 2200 Gold from Plato Foundation in total.

The Croatian started out with funds for 10 members and increased its numbers very fast. After week 2 they already applied for more gold. Over the course of the months they have seen increase and decrease of members but overall an increase. They have received a total of 2380 Gold over the course of 11 weeks. This week’s report will grant them 220 Gold. - Mitte

The Flying Dutchman will receive their last grant of 220 Gold for their first month running with the help of Plato Foundation. If they want to be considered for a new grant, they need to reapply.

The Icarus project has been renewed last week and will receive their 2nd grant of 100 Gold after their renewal. They are looking to expand their program with the cooperation with other aviation programs and do the house subsidies.

The Air Estonia Project has been renewed last week as well. This week they reached the maximum cap of participants and will receive full grant of 250 Gold. - Gyantse

After they were renewed last week, the Army of Lithuania continues to grow and deal more and more damage. While most of their funds come from the Plato Foundation, they do have the support of some strong and generous Citizens. Aside from their help, this week they will receive 250 Gold.

The Belgian Housing Program which was renewed last week for eleventh grant presented its report for week 14, and will receive 60 Gold.

Ending projects:

MEK Housing program has been ceased after a successful run of 35 weeks, 15 of which were with Plato Foundation help. We wish success to the project team and hope their creative potential will be successfully used in creating new projects with community impact. - Khotko

The Russian Air squad was supported for 3 whole months, their endorsement adding up to a total of 3130 Gold. We wish them all the best in the continuation of their project and hope to hear from them again with other fun and engaging ideas in the future.

Renewed projects:

The Chilean Aviation Academy has been renewed after showing great improvement over the past month, not only in term of rank-ups but also the total number of participants. They’ll receive 150 Gold this week.

The Brazilian Sky’s Guardians has also been renewed. They turned in great numbers when it came to the increase in participation to their program. The only comment we have would be for the program to begin investigating how the project will continue starting with the next month. They’ll receive 150 Gold this week. - Curlybear

Almost end of grants Interviews with Croatian Aircraft and Irish Airborn

Did Plato Foundation help you to generate more activity within the community and if so how much people did you reach that were dormant or new.

Slua: The Plato Foundation funding has allowed our military unit to grow from 12 members to now having 66 members. When we started off, we weren't the largest in Ireland in terms of damage or kills but now we are frequently in the top 30 military units worldwide. In doing so we are not an elite unit catering only for the best - but by being a military unity for the entire Irish community, providing every member of our family the same opportunity for supplies by completing Daily Orders as well as developing their capability be it on the ground or in the skies.

JoeLLL: Plato foundation helped us to invite back some players that stopped playing the game, and give them some motivation in the form of weekly prizes. By my calculations, project reached around 30 people.

Did your initiative exist before you applied for the Plato Foundation grant or not

Slua : Our initiative began one week before we took the funding. Then we were only a unit of 20 soldiers who had originally taken up the call to be part of Irish Army Airborne. Since then with Plato Foundation funding we have been able to reach so many more soldiers at home as well as abroad. Overall the eIrish population has grown by 33% and this can be directly attributed to the Irish Army which can only thank the Plato Foundation for giving us such capability.

JoeLLL: This initiative did not exist before the application for Plato Foundation grant.

Do you have a structure in place for when Plato Foundation has to stop supporting your project?

Slua: When our funding stops, the Irish Army will more than likely have to reduce our supplies as we will not be able to reach our growing costs of over 150,000cc a week. Should our supplies stop, we aim to look for State sponsorship of 25% tax revenue and then foot the remainder of our bills privately. In saying such - the Plato Foundation is and has been a driver in our success and the resurrection of eIreland as a nation. I personally cannot thank you enough for what you have enabled us to do.

JoeLLL: I don't have the structure in place, but I'm working on it.

This is our latest, improved version of a weekly article and we hope you like it. The article was written in collaboration with all the Plato Foundation Members, so credit goes to each and every one of them. 🙂

Don't forget to check back in on Friday to find out more about our Day 4000 Contest. 😁