[PF Report] eRussian Air squad weekly update

Day 3,990, 12:53 Published in Russia Montenegro by Zheka
Weekly update

We have received 125 gold which were converted to the Russian Roubles via Monetary Market. In total we have got 76875cc, which were distributed among the members of the 'Beginners' squad in accordance with their activity.

A brief financial report (as a part of the table representing one-week progress) for Plato Foundation can be found here.

Air squad updates.

If we look closer into the progress of the pilots, we could see:

– 1 newbie (Azdurgardin);
– 3 players got promoted to the impact squad (AlexTver, momot, sleft);
– 4 rank ups:


New rank
Flight Lieutenant 3x
Squadron Leader x
Squadron Leader 3x
Staff Sergeant 3x

Beginners squad activity.

Rank points achieved within days 3971-3977 (blue), 3979-3985 (red), 3983-3989 (orange):

Beginners Squad interactive chart + PDF version

Strike Squad interactive chart + PDF version

According to the trends of rank points gain in the Beginners Squad the overall activity is better than it was last week though some active players show worser results. There were less wars with high co this week so we'll see what the next week will bring.