Charles B. DeBellevue Ace Initiative - Week 11 Update - LAST WEEK!

Day 3,967, 18:06 Published in USA USA by Carlos3652

Week 11 of 12 has been completed. 54 members who have ranked up over 200 times over the past 3 months. Amazing.

Plato only funded me 125g this week, so its time to bring this initiative to a close.

Here is a quick snapshot of the progress of our players:

Every participant that signed up for this program before week 11 started, received 5g on Sunday for being a part of this initiative.

The 5g you receive weekly is to be able to purchase a Q1 houses and energy in food for the following week. Use this wisely.

The Plato Foundation (Gyantse is our Project Manager) has funded us 125g for this week, and this week we spent 270g and 5,000 cc!

We have given out 4,395 g in 11 weeks - (2,505 g funded by Plato) and over 285k in cc for ranking up!!!

Due to recently announced cuts for some long-running projects, our project is one of them and it will receive a cut grant. Our grant was cut down by ~25% in the first (Week 9) and second week (Week 10) and by ~50% in the third (Week 11) and fourth week (Week 12). That means we will receive 190 gold in the first and second week and 125 gold in the third and fourth week.

Unfortunately, I will not be seeking renewal after this month. My time and effort / RL, along with the funding cutbacks have made it clear that its time to hand the baton to someone else.

So try to Rank up as much as you can in the next week to get the most out of this program while you can. SUNDAY next week will be the last day. I appreciate all the participants and I apologize for discontinuing the program. It has been fun seeing everyone grow. It has been a lot of work, and I am ready for a break.

I hope someone else can create a brand new project for eUSA citizens that the Plato Foundation can fund fully again.

Other Programs

- The American Air Rank Program (AARP)

The first eUS governmental program dedicated to the eUS pilots. It started more than a year ago during WDIB2's first cabinet and is still going strong and more popular than ever in these hard times.

We provide every participant with a daily pack of energy if they manage to score a particular air round kill count per day.

Please let me know if you have any questions.