[Irish Army] Week 7 Report *UPDATED*

Day 3,962, 15:19 Published in Ireland Poland by Irish Army

September 25th, 2018 (Day 3,962)

Currently the Irish Army is a recipient of a 200 Gold sponsorship from the Plato Foundation. This sponsorship enabled the Irish Army to further enhance our supply system with the aim of motivating Irish citizens to get active and be present on the battlefield. This is week 6 of receiving funds from the Plato Foundation.

This 200 Gold was sold on the monetary market gold resulting in this weeks funds from the Plato Foundation amounting to 89,600cc.

With this money, we purchased 70,500 Q1 Food at a price of 0.26 per unit, costing us 18,330cc

We made payments as part of the Irish Army Airborne initiative to the value of 30,345cc

We also purchased 900 tanks at a price of 65/unit costing 58,500cc

This gives us a weekly cost of 107,175cc

However, our costs would be much higher had we not received a discount on our food purchases from Rusty D.

Additional 17,575cc sourced from private donations

[Our Supplies]

Thanks to the funding from the Plato Foundation, Irish Army soldiers can now receive the following supplies:

[How Have We Progressed]

Daily Orders Completed.

Week 1 Daily Orders Completed:87
Week 2 Daily Orders Completed: 109
Week 3 Daily Orders Completed: 117
Week 4 Daily Orders Completed: 124
Week 5 Daily Orders Completed: 125
Week 6 Daily Orders Completed: 113
Week 7 Daily Orders Completed: 148
Overall Improvement: Increase in completed Daily Orders by 70%

Air Kills.

Week 1 Air Kills: 6438
Week 2 Air Kills: 7725
Week 3 Air Kills: 8973
Week 4 Air Kills: 9216
Week 5 Air Kills: 11290
Week 6 Air Kills: 13102
Week 7 Air Kills: 11159
Over Improvement: Increase in Air Kills by 73%

National Rankings

1st in Air Kills
1st in Air Damage
3rd in Tank Kills
3rd in Tank Damage

Additional Activities

1) As usual we held our Sunday Night Air Strike in which we fought for France against Bulgaria as part of a greater war effort supporting our allies.

In the week ahead we plan on holding another Strike on Sunday at 12:00 eRepublik time on our Discord channel.

[Major Changes]

The past week has seen the Irish Army receive an influx of new members from our sister organisation CrOmega. Our growth in experienced tanks as well as the increasing prices of Q7 Weapons has meant that the Irish Army needed to make adjustments to our supply system. In order to do this we implemented two regiments; Regiment One: Ground and Regiment Two: Airborne.

Regiment One: Ground
Members of Regiment One are primarily ground fighters as well as the bulk of our tanks. Upon completing 5 Daily Orders - they will receive 25 Q7 Weapons, upon completing 7 Daily Orders they will receive an additional 25 Q7 Weapons. For completing a Daily Order, members will receive 1000 energy.

These members can earn a maximum of 7000 Energy and 50 Q7 Tanks.

Regiment Two: Airborne
Members of Regiment Two are primarily aviation fighters as well as a few tanks. For completing 3 Daily Orders, members will be paid 5cc per air kill to a maximum amount of 1500cc. For completing 5 Daily Orders, the maximum payout rises to 3000cc and for completing 7 Daily Orders, the payout reaches a maximum of 5000cc. For completing a Daily Order, members will receive 1000 energy.

These members can earn a maximum of 7000 Energy and 5000cc.

In addition to the supplies available based on regiment, every soldier is entitled to earn 100cc for completing 25 air kills in bonus daily orders which can be found in the Irish Army shout-feed.

Always in the fight

The Irish Army Command
Slua, Commander
T1nk3r, 2nd Commander
Armanych, 2nd Commander
Papi Don, Regiment 1 Captain
MeDs Leinad, Regiment 2 Captain