[Plato Foundation Application] Support program for Korea Air Force (KAF)

Day 3,962, 02:59 Published in South Korea South Korea by HwiSuKim

Today, We are applying Plato Foundation for a grant for the "Air Force Training Program for Korea Air Force" https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-esk-gov-support-program-for-korea-air-force-kaf--2678697/1/20
This program is now supported by the own budget of Trisoul, and managed by HwiSuKim.

1. Purpose of Air Force Training
In recent two years after the introduction of Air Force in this eWorld on Day 3,165, it has been a unique way for low-strength newbies to take on one part of the battlefield. In Korea, we have also organized air force units and have been providing additional support to raise them for about a year, however, the program was finished after 43 weeks of support, because many members graduated by achieving Wing Commander and some others have withdrawn due to difficult commune condition. Nowadays, the number of Korean air users is decreasing while they are trying to be strong users themselves without any support.

Otherwise, with the increase of legend stacks and overlapping strength inflation, Army support for allies and newly-entrancing users in ground battle are gradually losing their meaning. Air force is becoming the only one way to show presence for allies, and many countries support the training of air force for themselves. Now, I am going to train Korean Air Force (KAF) again in Korea following this trend.

2. Supporting targets
Support for Air Force Growth is for all users with 'Korean Citizenship' * There is no distinction for an air rank, usage of a pack, and even for a level.
However, it is necessary to complete more than 5 times of 7 weekly order
* For the convenience of confirmation of killing, it is limited to Korean citizenship.

3. How to support
I am considering two ways; payment in cc depending on the kills and the number of completed MU order in a week.
More specifically:
- 1 kill = 5 cc
- D.O = energy 3000 / #

4. How to Apply for the support program
1) Write Google form: https://goo.gl/forms/WB3bVRf4WalL9kYk1
2) Please reply your D.O number on the weekly report. You must complete more than five times weekly to get support.

5. When to start the program
Starting on Tuesday, September 4, 2018, at 4 pm (KST).