Plato's Summer Sale!

Day 3,935, 02:23 Published in Netherlands Poland by Shawtyl0w

Dear readers,

Today Plato released the his Summer Sale. Today and only today you are able to buy special 3x energy bars as well as special military packs. Before you buy these packs please allow me to give my perspective on them.

Content of the Summer Sale Packs:
XS: Cost - 5 Gold
10x - Icecreams
4x - Cruise missile
10x - AIM-92 Stinger

S: Cost - 25 Gold
20x - Icecreams
4x - Big Bombs
16x - Cruise missile
20x - AIM-92 Stinger

M: Cost - 50 Gold
40x - Icecreams
8x - Big Bombs
32x - Cruise missile
40x - AIM-92 Stinger

L: Cost - 100 Gold
60x - Icecreams
24x - Big Bombs
80x - Cruise missile
60x - AIM-92 Stinger
1x - 100% Damage Booster
2x - 5x Damage accelerator

XL: Cost - 250 Gold
80x - Icecreams
100x - Big Bombs
300x - Cruise missile
80x - AIM-92 Stinger
2x - 100% Damage Booster
24x - 2x Damage accelerator

XXL: Cost - 500 Gold
160x - Icecreams
250x - Big Bombs
600x - Cruise missile
100x - AIM-92 Stinger
4x - 100% Damage Booster
12x - 5x Damage accelerator

* Each pack can be purchases 3 times by each player.
* Icecreams expire on day 3,966
* Big Bombs expire on day 3,966
* Cruise Missile expire on day 3,966
* AIM-92 Stinger expire on day 3,966
* The 100% boosters last for 8 hours

Other than these Packs you can buy with gold you can also purchase Temporary 3x Energy bars.

Offers are as followe😨
Temporary Triple Bar S: 40 Gold
10x - 3x EBs (3,000 energy)

Temporary Triple Bar M: 200 Gold
50x - 3x EBs (15,000 energy)

Temporary Triple Bar L: 400 Gold
100x - 3x EBs (30,000 energy)

* Temporary energy bars expire on day expire on day 3,949
* Each temporary energy bars pack can be bought 5 times by each player.

Please note, the order of consumption:
1. Regular energy
2. Temporary 3x energy bars
3. Icecreams
4. 2x Energy bars
5. 1x Energy bars


For players in the lower divisions with high strength(D1-D3)
When you do not have an IK pack (prevents experience gain) buy the most expensive pack (XXL) and use the bombs and missiles to win BH medals
*When you do have the IK pack buy the temporary energy bars, as many as you can. If you have gold left also buy the XXL pack with bombs.

For players in the lower divisions with high Air rank(D1-D3)
When you are a pilot you require AIM-92 Missiles to rank up faster and also win some Sky Hero medals. The best way to get these missiles is to buy the XS and S packs as many times as you can afford. They offer the best AIM-92 missile to gold ratio. If you can't buy them all you should only buy the XS pack.

For players in Division 4
- If you are a pilot, buy the XS and S packs.
- If you are a Maverik Pack owner buy the XXL pack with the bombs and missiles.
- If you do not have any packs but have enough gold buy the triple energybar packs so you can level up faster and maybe win some medals
- If you do not have enough gold and do not have any packs it might be best not to buy any packs during the summer sale. I say this because the day 4,000 event will arrive soon and so does black friday. If you don't have enough gold you might want to save it for those events. But of course this is your choice.

Tips from comments

Nice article, but also you forgot to mention that for bigger players L-XXL packs are the best because of 100% boosters, especially 100g one, gives most boosters per gold.

Well, XS Packs are worth more than triple bars in terms of energy.
XS Pack has x10 ice creams (+ other things) and cost 5 gold. That means 500 energy for 5 gold (100 energy = 1 gold). Triple EB cost 40(0) gold each 10(0) pack. That means 300 energy for 4 gold (75 energy = 1 gold)

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