Cities or how to steal ~100 million cc from players

Day 3,922, 07:57 Published in India India by Zordacz

The cities module was added almost 500 days ago. In the update, we were told the local elections module would be added as the next step in the following weeks. Obviously nothing has happened ever since and those words became a synonym for never.

It wouldn't be a big deal, just another failed promise on Plato's part. However, the cities are draining money from us, players. City budgets are powered by:

- Country subsidies - 10% of the national income is divided equally between all the cities
- Residential tax - what you pay to become a resident
- Property tax - paid for activating or transferring houses

With the local elections module, city budgets would actually have use. City mayors could spend them on temporary buffs - for example increased productivity, energy recovery, or even battle determination. Without the module, budgets are essentially money stolen from every player, nomads included. Could it be a deliberate tactic to fight inflation?

How much money is there in all the city budgets? 93,694,785 cc (data gathered on August 15th). It's going to reach 100 million cc in a month or two.
Some more city stats

574 cities
20,462 residents
58,807 visitors
36,132,560 cc GDP

Towns- 445
Large towns - 86
Cities - 37
Large cities - 6
Metropoles - 0

Largest treasuries
💰 Gdansk (Pomerania, Poland) - 4,231,373cc
💰 Iasi (Moldova, Romania) - 3,115,774cc
💰 Buenos Aires (Pampas, Argentina) - 2,583,639cc
💰 Belgrade (Belgrade, Serbia) - 2,254,198cc
💰 Budapest (Central Hungary, Hungary) - 1,730,084cc

Most productive cities
🔥 Gdansk (Pomerania, Poland) - 1,977,884cc GDP
🔥 Olympia (Washington, Bulgaria) - 1,740,524cc GDP
🔥 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) - 1,435,589cc GDP
🔥 Frankfort (Kentucky, Croatia) - 1,210,737cc GDP
🔥 Iasi (Moldova, Romania) - 1,148,551cc GDP

Most populous cities
👍 Belgrade (Belgrade, Serbia) - 437 residents
👍 Iasi (Moldova, Romania) - 326 residents
👍 Gdansk (Pomerania, Poland) - 326 residents
👍 Buenos Aires (Pampas, Argentina) - 319 residents
👍 Novi Sad (Vojvodina, Serbia) - 311 residents