MEK Housing Overview - PF application

Day 3,878, 15:54 Published in Portugal Portugal by Rapaz_avr

General Description:

MEKHousing is a dedicated program that hands out houses to the MEK MU members depending on the kills they have done in the previous week.

- Improve members’ interaction inside the MU and motivate them to continue playing the game;
- Increase the MU players’ energy availability and number of times they work, stimulating them to fight more and produce more.

How it works:

At the end of the week (every Tuesday) the MU members’ kills, both land and air, are counted from the Weekly Challenge score table.
Depending on the number of kills, the members will receive points denominated MEKHabs that can be spent on houses or donated to other players:
if a player reaches 500 kills, he will receive 1 MEKHab;
if a player reaches 2000 kills, he will receive 2 MEKHabs;
if a player reaches 4000 kills, he will receive 3 MEKHabs;
if a player reaches 6000 kills, he will receive 4 MEKHabs;
if a player reaches 10000 kills, he will receive 5 MEKHabs;
if a player reaches 15000 kills, he will receive 6 MEKHabs.

These MEKHabs can be stored to the next week, donated, or exchanged for houses according to:
q1 house for 2 MEKHabs;
q2 house for 4 MEKHabs;
q3 house for 7 MEKHabs;
q4 house for 12 MEKHabs;
Special offer - pack of the 4 houses for 23 MEKHabs.

You could also get some MEKHabs from working at #MEKEnterprises program or by writing articles for 4 weeks in a row in the #MEKblablabla program.

Monthly Budget:
In the last month, we spent about 679k cc (W14 - 115kcc; W15 - 183kcc; W16 - 111kcc; and W17 - 270kcc) with this project. With a rate of 1 gold = 445cc this adds up to a total of 1526 gold in the last month.
This value is expected to raise in the next 4 weeks, due to every week having more people participating in the program.
we hope to get Plato Foundation funding, applying for 250gold/per week in a total of 1000 g/4 weeks with further prolongation.

How to get the free Houses:
First, check how many MEKHabs you have in the weekly article in rapaz_avr’s newspaper or in the project sheet (green column):
Second, if you don’t have enough MEKHabs for the pretended house(s) you could request some from the weekly identified donators (maximum of 6 per transfer). Contact them by PM and don’t forget to add rapaz_avr in the PM to check the donators’ authorization;
Third, the free houses must be bought from Rapaz_avr’s offers on the Portuguese market after his authorization and screenshots must be sent by PM or in the Telegram app;
Fourth, you will get the cc back after giving confirmation via screenshot.

Some stats and notes:
This program started on February 27th;
Since then more than 1500 MEKHabs were earned, more than 210 houses were bought, and more than 200 bilateral transactions were done;
Also, until now, 24 players have received houses through this program every week and there were 14 regular donators;
This means that when the MU got more energy available, some near-death players woke up and start interacting with one another. Others started buying packs as they saw more and more people active and got more motivation;
The country benefited a lot and the community is much more active.

Since last week, all MEK programs are partially sponsored. The benefactors avatars are in the sponsorship banner and listed bellow:
texou; lfilipe13; Passos Coelho; Catbea; The Legend of Link; Atena; The Czar III; Miguel Soprano; Bitorino and two Anonymous players.

Some testimonials:

Nick: JackTrout

Level: 68
Player since 2014

I was leaving the game because it just wasn't much fun anymore. I liquidated and gave away pretty much all my stuff. That was a mistake, but I didn't know it.

My MU (MEK of course! What else?!) has been the best part of the game ever since I joined. Since I became active again, it has been a real struggle to pay for training, weaps, and food. I like packs, but I can't really justify the rl expense.

The MEKhousing program helps hugely- first, it lets me work overtimes so I can afford food and weaps and a little gold for training (hopefully I'll get back to making enough gold for training contracts).

Second, it motivates me to play. I have more interaction with my MU, and that is good because they are fun and funny guys. I can train so hopefully I will have some decent strength before I get to Div 4. And of course fighting is always the best, and reaching the number of hits needed to keep getting houses is a good challenge.

Nick: Rickiest Rick Sanchez
Level: 87
Player since: jul 23, 2012
In which way has this program helped you?
This program helped me to improve my usage of time and energy, causing me to do more damage and kills each week, upgrading faster my military rank. Also helped me to keep playing this game, adding an extra motivation. Also made me interact with other members of my MU, that without it i might never have exchanged a message.

Nick: Miguel Soprano
Level: 80
Player since: 25/06/2009
In which way has this program helped you?
R: This program helped a lot, it has made possible to have houses Q2 and Q3 in every 2/3 weeks making me save that money, that houses give the possibility to work more times, and to have more energy for battles. So, it’s a great program for those who can’t afford to buy houses every week, allowing me to save money to buy a PP.

Nick: Yoradorc
Level: 61
Player since: 01/11/2009
In which way has this program helped you?
R: It was a great help! Having the energy boost from the Q2 and Q3 houses I could get those pesky BHs of the winning side without having to spend bars which has improved my income exponentially. I can now buy my own houses without having to resort to the program. I still do though because I’m saving some money so that when I eventually level up to D4, I can keep having some houses without the BH income.

Nick: Sterben4kk
Level: 109
Player since: 12/03/2010

If not for the help that MEK provides with its Housing program, I would be less active and interested in playing eRepublik. I've already left the game several times in the past, and with my recent return, I almost felt again the lack of desire to actually play. With MEK Housing, (and ofc, the social interaction that makes eRepublik unique), I can help my own finances by saving in buying houses and for being able to work more and more. Also, even though I've been less active recently due to exams, it also aids me in giving more damage!

Rapaz_avr & Pisco Soares