Short meeting with the Croatian HQ in Zadar Erep days 3860-3863

Day 3,865, 06:36 Published in Hungary Greece by alioth

Since I am Croatian in the game I am visiting RL Croatia more and more often. One week after my first visit to Zagreb - which was one month ago - I spent there an insanely good day.

Here you can read about the previous meeting

This weekend I was there again. This time in Zadar, in this beautiful city on the coast of the Adria. Why? I admit I escaped from my children, I stole a little child-free time for myself. I can thank all of this to Samohajduk101, who told me about Zadar over the winter. And as always, he was right in everything again. Wonderful city with nice people. So I could meet with him and also with Zdlemmy.

Thank you for these 4 days, and you Lemmy for the wonderful boat trip.

But let the pictures talk instead of me

This was my dream in the winter, sitting on the seashore and watching the sea. Sunset was the bonus for me 😃

This was one of my favorite place on the waterfront, “Greeting to the Sun”. I really enjoyed it and it was difficult to leave and walk ahead.

Whole day trip by boat to Dugi Otok 😘 Lemmy

As I’m cartographer / geologist, i really like this rocks 😃

Salt Lake

and the Sea

Samohajduk101 you are right again 😃 I will be back soon 😎