Withdrawal from the political scene

Day 3,851, 00:28 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Zoran Milanovic.
I will not run for the party president or congressman.

This is my last speech as a politician. I give my colleagues to the party, my friends: We are the left. We fought for a little man. Keep it ...

Stay the folk party. Continue to build this house that we have built together. The responsibility to change things better is to be your goal.

After these almost a year, I can only say thank you and apologize to those I might have offended some time ago. I wish you all the best!

I thank all who gave us support, and to those who are not - I do not mind. There is some deeper disorder in the work, but just so. It needs to be realistic.

Our voters are delicate plants - can drive them out rain, wrong view or wrong word. Do not measure us according to the same rules. The standards of our party are much higher, but I have deliberately chosen it. There is a moment when you have to say - now it's enough. Even the organism does not suffer such things.

I'll think about what I'm going to do, I will not get bored.

King Philip, Governor