When the going gets tough...

Day 3,850, 06:54 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Vincent Rekdal

...Vincent get going.

I love this country, I love this community. In the last months we had a great collaboration and friendship between all of us, Daree was an excellent president and he had a double term. Last election we had a great political fight between two great people, Daree and Liakouris. Daree won with all the best congratulations. I thought to have another great political battle this election between Liakouris, Muy Caliente and King Philip. Muy caliente finally decided to leave us, so the political challenge was against two candidates. Liakouris has the support of the 2 biggest parties so of course it started with and advantage, anyway we are community of friends, of people with mutual respect, so King Philip could have a chance maybe next month. But what is happening is changing something.
I cannot accept the child accusations to my party and to Liakouris that is a guy always correct and polite.
Also because we have proof of something unaccettable

I'm happy to see that money can not buy everything, not here, not in Switzerland.

We don't need your money King Philip

Take it and go home, your time here is over