Extraordinary announcement

Day 3,850, 06:30 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Zoran Milanovic.

Hello my dear citizens!

With this announcement, I want to inform you that my opponent and his party colleagues are working on new citizen profiles just to give Liakouris a voice.

They did a dirty campaign against me personally and against my party and the parties that supported me in the elections. This is the level of the farmer, that is the level of misfortune.

As I have said before, I will work for the welfare of all Swiss citizens, and I will work to make such people out of our society and get rid of politics. The politics is not worth it.

I believe that you, the citizens of Switzerland, will recognize a person who can lead you and represent quality all over the world, without any stains in my political career.

I just want to say that I will not go down to their level, I will not do a dirty campaign in public and I will not accuse other people and parties as they do.

Let's go ahead, no return to the old!

KingPhilip, Governor and Presidential candidate