KingPhilip, presidential candidate

Day 3,848, 14:06 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Zoran Milanovic.

Hello my dear citizens!

With this article, the last time I address you before the elections for the country president that will be held on June 5th.

Switzerland goes ahead, not back, and I believe that people, when all of them end up, will find that this government is social, just and fair, and that we are ready to hear the other side, even when it is militant and loud .

We see our way hard, but it's worth it. We are doing a good job, and if the citizens recognize it, it's on them, and it is up to us to help them, not to make or force them, but to help them. I do not think of any sort of clash, but of a clear choice between good and bad, between light and dark.

Forward, not back. That's our slogan. Whoever wants to keep track of us is ours, and that's the majority of people in Switzerland.

Vote for KingPhilip, vote for better Switzerland. Forward not back!


KingPhilip, Governor and Presidential candidate