One day in Zagreb - meeting with Croatian gov members Erep day 3834

Day 3,835, 09:12 Published in Hungary Greece by alioth

The story started a little over 1 year ago when I was sitting at a conference in Venice (Italy) and the current lecture bored me. I looked at erepublik - I was Hungarian MoFa at that time - and noticed I got a message from Samohajduk101. Hmm - I thought let’s see what did he write. And our conversation started. It was funny - he thought I’m a doctor and I’m a man because I’m sitting at a conference 😃 This was my first step towards Croatia.

My second step was when I noticed a shout about Romper came back. I was sitting in a beer house with my old university class mate. I voted this so that I could follow and see later when I will arrive home. It caused a big trouble on Pacifica discord 😃 I was Hun MoFa again.

I would have never imagined that such a close and good relationship would develop in the game between Croatia and Hungary. Earlier we were enemies, now best friends in the game 🙂

Since then, thanks to my friend Samohajduk101, I am Croatian in game, a member of the government for 4 months now, and we help our allies. And I’m proud and grateful that I can be with them.
In this weekend I decided to go to Zagreb, I wanted to meet my friends. The city was beautiful, I really enjoyed the trip. This was the first time I was in Croatia. Fortunately it wasn’t the last time I was there.

I met there Feynovac, ultragudra and Sexy Macan