SFP debate for PP elections!!

Day 3,826, 11:11 Published in USA Israel by eRep Reporter

Hello every one, i decide to make small article for the next SFP elections it may help to the party members to decide who they going to vote.
Here is the questions list:

1. Please introduce yourself in few words to our readers
2. Why did u decide to run for the PP elections?
3. What is ur policy u bring to SFP if u will be the PP?
4. What is ur solution for this war?
5. Please introduce ur cabinet members
6. Any thing last u want to say to our readers?

Each candidate for the PP has answer them lets start with - Nikos X:

1. My original name is Nikos (Nikolas) and I'm Greek I moved to eUSA about 1,5-2 years ago.

2. I was quite active in eGreece but I want to be even more active in eUSA too, so that was the right thing to do for me.

3-4. I want to make SFP the first Party in eUSA so I'm gonna try to get more members but I also want to start working with some military groups so we can organise some hits and get our territories back.
5. And for the end I will ask the same cabinet members as they are now to help me, they'll know exactly what to do with their experience. If they don't want I'll be glad to look for new people.

6. I'm gonna try to help eUSA as much as I can.

Our seconde candidate the current SFP PP - Dominar Rygel XVI:

1. Hello all! I am Comrade Chairman Dominar Rygel XVI, the sitting Party President of the Socialist Freedom Party. I have been around the block and served in numerous party, militia, and congress leadership roles. I am a true believer in the SFP revolution!

2. We did a lot of great work this month, but there is still a lot more to be done. This month I have tried my best to be both a reforming and fair Party President. However, Moscow wasn't built in a day, and I feel strongly that I am best positioned to be able to expand on the progress we as a party have began to make this month.

3. In my announcement article I highlight the major points, but basically we need more growth, more new ideas employed to better the SFP and the country, and of course there has been in-fighting within the SFP which I will do my utmost to resolve in the best interests of the SFP this month.

4. There is only so much I can do in my current role, but we need help from our allies, and we need to find a way to at least convince a few of the countries occupying us to lay off. This might be the most massive invasion force the US had ever seen. I did offer my services to the current government, but the CP ignored all my messages. There's not a lot I can do personally unfortunately.

5. I don't plan to rock the boat too much going in to this next month, but I am planning on appointing iamsmok as the next party Secretary General. The rest of the cabinet will most likely remain intact unless some unforeseen circumstance arises in the next several days. There will also probably be some turnover among voting RC members, but I will evaluate that in a few days.

6. I hope the members will consider all the good work we have begun this month. For awhile the SFP was in a state of decline, and I had some fantastic comrades helping this month, but our party is on the rise. There is more we have to achieve together, and I would love the privilege of being able to do that. I hope you will all join me!

After him we have - kavman:

1. My name is Kavman, I've been a citizen since 2008. My major module is the economics in game.

2. To be honest I took a break from the game over the last year. I had been out to sea with the Navy, during that time I wanted to be working on the politics module. I have a little experience with politics from many years ago, mostly Congress and party level. In short I want to apply that knowledge, and learn as much as I can from my fellow members.

3. My primary goal for the SFP is to encourage the growth of our younger players. All while still involving the older, more experienced players in the forming of great leaders. The party is where great politicians are made!

4. This war is complex, and will likely take a mixture of strong fighting and great diplomacy. It's rare to see enemy states come together against a common foe. Somehow the eUS has managed to do this. So in short we fight until we can negotiate peace with our enemies. That's the only move when you are out manned and outgunned.

5. Vice president is waiting for confirmation.
Secretary general is Orly Levy Abekasis
Counsellor is Chickens Guys
And spokesman is undetermined.

6. We have at least three great candidates. No matter who wins, I will work with any of them to make the SFP better. I do not believe in running dirty campaigns, it is counterproductive for the party. I feel Dominar, and RobertGuajardo have been outstanding gentlemen during this campaign. May the odds forever be in your favor 😃

And the last one - RobertGuajardo:

1. *I recently joined eRep this past feb, and i love it! I joined because my friend @bryceha plays it, so he kind of taught me how the game works etc. I wasn't really excited about the fighting/war part, but I was more excited about the politics part, which is why I like being involved in SFP! 🙂

2. *The main reason I ran for SFP PP elections is for CHANGE. Also, I feel I bring a new fresh perspective to this game since I joined recently. I may not know everything about the game, but I do know that SFP needs a face and I want to be that face for this party.

3.*You can read more about my platform here:

4. *I feel like we need to trust our current government and understand what they're doing is the best for our country. As a party, the best we can do is bring support to the current executive board. As a congress member, we need to make sure all decisions are an understanding of the right thing. We need to follow orders and fight as hard as we can.

5. Vice President: Maxwell Hanz
Secretary General: Shiloh13
Councillor: Niemand
Spokesman: King James88

6. I want our current members and I to be as involved in this whole SFP PP selection process as possible. I want communication to happen. If any questions arise, or clarification, I'm always a mail/discord message away. I want people to understand my platform and help me throughout this term so that our party can continue to grow.

We also have - mormeg

But he said he run just for the fun that is also good reason to vote for him 😉

So we wish best of luck for all the candidates in SFP and the rest of the parties, i hope together we will find a good solution for eUS.
Please vote, comment, share and subs to my news 🙂