My endorsement for CP election

Day 3,818, 00:32 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Vincent Rekdal

Dear swiss,

tomorrow we will have new CP election, so I want to share with you some thoughts.
I'm very happy that we have a great community in which we all are friends and we all respect each other.
This is the main reason why The Lugangeles Party decided to support Liakouris as our candidate. Tomorrow we will have a very interesting political challenge between 2 good guys. We decided to offer to the country some 'pepper' 🙂

But this is not the only reason!
We think that the country owes this opportunity to Liakouris, for all of his great work he did in the last months.
I remember when he offered his help for the MoED and I remember his excellent work supporting the minister Albix during my firts term.
During my second term I was very proud to see how he take the MOD job, he did a superlative work also if he was very scared when I proposed him the job, I had to insist a lot with him but finally I was right!
I understood him and I saw that he is quite shy but he is a great guy and he can be an excellent president because he has achieved a great awareness and knowledge of the country's politics and I think it's his moment now!
So I ask to all of you to give him your vote because he deserves it!
Thank you and good luck to every candidate!