[Garmr] Candidacy

Day 3,814, 16:31 Published in USA Poland by Garmr

Dear fellow Americans,

I am announcing today my candidacy for the Presidency of the United States. An office that serves us with the highest responsibility, sheltering the vision of a flourishing and free nation.

For those of you that do not know me well, I will offer a personal introduction that shows the road that brought me to this candidacy — though I prefer to speak of the future rather than the past.

Born during V1, I was an economist with international business interests and grew into several ambassadorships and positions within the ministry of economics. I oversaw the profitable national transition to a new economic module, and turned my country - eNetherlands - into a bank for alliance members. I sat in great alliance headquarters (peacegc, phoeni, and eventually had several successful terms as president. During a time of turmoil, coinciding with the eUS JCSC debacle, I moved with the entire outfit of our top tanks to the eUSA. For quite some time I was an officer in the elite US Special Forces, and my political activity for eNetherlands dwindled as my fondness for the eUS grew. I wasn't born eAmerican, but I will live eAmerican, I shall die eAmerican. Over twelve terms as secretary of defense, numeral terms in congress, and a position as special adviser to Pacifica HQ testify to that. I am grateful for meeting many great people that I can call my friends.

Before us we find a tremendous opportunity. For a long time we have suffered greater safety than nearly any other country in this game. Now, we find it gone. I say, if there must be trouble, let it be in my day.

Safety bored us and divided us. Our focus was internal. A massive invasion has now woken us up. Our military units show many dedicated soldiers that relentlessly pursue our liberty, where many other nations would have wavered and succumbed to strife. Yet we need more than just our damage and courage. Had damage sufficed, the map would have been different by now. What we require above all is a new outlook on diplomacy and leadership. I ask you to share my ambitious vision of a strong and unified America, supported by experience and determination. Respected for its strong support towards allies, and our honorable stance towards enemies. To achieve this, we must above all else infuse our extinguished foreign affairs and defense departments with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. My main focus lies therein, and I will expect representatives of all parties to partake and sit beside me in this endeavor. Our country will be served by the many, not the few.

I now leave you to ponder over what I have said. I welcome all thoughtful questions, either in private or as a comment. Tomorrow I will offer you a new article with further elaboration.

Your friend,