The new congress list can bring a change

Day 3,811, 10:04 Published in USA Israel by eRep Reporter

Hello every one, i will bring now a small article and share my opinion about those days on what is going on in the country. eUS got just a 30 congress member in this term, those are the names of the new/old congress members:

Federalist Party - with 30.10%

Bob Boudahili
Jd Jack Serenade
Buckwheat McCoy
Melissa Rose
Arctic Sunrise

Socialist Freedom Party - with 22.82%

King James88
Dominar Rygel XVI
Franklin Stone

The Black Sheep Party - with 19.17%

Kellen Deming
Captain Black Sheep

Constitution Party - with 16.99%

Andy Dufresne

We The People - with 10.92%

The Mike

Now after the congress elections end we must unite and support as one in the current president and the next president we will have in the next elections for help to release the country from the conquests. I read and saw many messages about that the president "dont do anything" or "if he cant give a solution he shouldn't be a president" but i dont think any one here can give any solution those days, our alliance help us but its hard war.
The most easy way untill the war will end is to catch any next president as a "scapegoat" and say "he isnt good president" but my offer is if anyone think he can change go for it and run for the president elections or for the congress, i was number 11 in the list and didnt got a sit this time i hope i will be in a better place next term but untill then i will give full support to the congress and to the president bcuz WE ARE THE ONE WHO MADE WhydoIbotherToo TO THE PRESIDENT and now we have to deal with it.
I believe he do what he can i was talk with other president with other countries and eUS do what she can for the country i think our president WhydoIbotherToo doing a great job and we must support him "United" is eUS so lets be unite those days and work together for the country 🙂
The congress can now work as a small team and offer new options to get a solution to this situation and free America. And if someone disagree with me which is ok, there is have a CP elections more 1 week - 7 days i offer to him to go and try lead the country and maby he will fix it.

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And always remember this: "War is done in a game, peace is made in reality"