Interview with The President of Sweden

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Hello every one, befor we start i just wanna share that my old account got bann after my old maill has been hacked and the admins didnt accepted to release him from the bann so now i come again with new account more safe maill and continue to interview 🙂

I going to share a small interview with the president of Sweden - zzzingo, who accepted to take part in my newspaper and this article.

- Hello zzzingo, can u please tell about yourself to our readers?

Hello, I'm probably mostly known for being president of Sweden for some time now. I have played the game more or less since 2011, but I have mostly been involved in internal activities in Sweden, often helping new players. Spent about 2 years as Minister of Education, and then a few as Minister of Defence, which naturally lead me to running for presidency in February 2017.

- What u love the most about eRep?

Hehe, the game itself is sadly very limited and there is too much focus on using the VISA-card to win. With that said, there are many things that I like about the game. In a way this game (kinda) mirrors the real world and it's interesting to see how individual interest, decisions and action can affect the gameplay in many different and often surprising ways. The game is nothing without the community which is the reason we are playing it.

- Can u tell us about ur daily job as the president of Sweden?

It's very different fom day to day. If we are directly at war there is a lot of stuff to do, you can probably imagine that. In other times it's more about keeping track of what is happening both internally in Sweden and outside in the world. Communication with allies one of the more important duties and with the introduction of Discord during the past year, it has been much easier. Some other stuff includes keeping track of MPPs and renewing them, keeping an eye on our TW with Lithuania and I try to keep track of all tax money and what we use them to in a spredsheet.
Keeping my congress and people informed about what is happening is important, as well as keeping them engaged and having some kind of dialogue. This is something that always can be improved upon. I try to make one article each week, but it depends on if I have time and feel it's needed. But I'm very glad that we mostly have common goals and can make quick decisions. In war time it can be very needed.

- What can u tell us about the relationship between eUS to Sweden?

It's good. I have had a lot of contact with their leadership. We have had a few fun wars together during the past year that wouldn't have happened without them. We have been more or less allies for most of the past years and many of our older players have contacts within the American community, something that also helps.

- Today there is something like a "World War" and eUS is under huge attack and
as every citizen in eUS can see Sweden take a big part in the war and defence eUS, why is it so important to Sweden to protect eUS?

Not sure if I would agree about the fact that we have helped that much. Well, we planned to directly support them by, once again, airstrike one of their opponents, but plans changed. The US has been very helpful to us during my terms as president. Everytime we have been attacked, they have been helping us. So it's just a matter of giving something back to them.

(We are ready to help them)

- How much does Sweden involved in this war?

We got attacked by Uruguay and Venezuela at the same time as the US got attacked. A decision was made within the alliance to focus these countries before we would try to kick out the invaders in the US. We got a lot of help from our allies (including the US despite they also were getting invaded) and within a few days we were free. The US front escalated quickly as more and more countries attacked the US. Instead we mostly focused on helping Russia take care about their Greek invaders.

- There is connection between ur country cabinet to eUS cabinet or any secret plans u can share with us?

Hehe, it's pretty good. We are ready to help them whenever they see a opportunity to do something about the situation.

- Do u have any message u want to send to eUS and the rest of our readers?

Not sure. But well, don't panic. Wars are a part of the game and wipes of countries happens regularly, to some more often then others. You know what needs to be done, but don't expect it to take days, or even weeks. Blaming different individuals doesn't help either.

Very well, thank u so much zzzingo for accept to let me interview with u
and thank for all the readers please vote, comment and subscribe to my newspaper 🙂