[VoeH] Message to our friends

Day 3,806, 14:26 Published in Hungary Serbia by Voice of eHungary

Honourable players around the world!

We were glad to see how many of our friends were fighting Hungary’s most important battles of the last two weeks. We really thank everyone who fought on Hungary’s side, there are no words to express how nice it was see many other countries’ flags on the battlefield on our side.

Today’s important battle was RW in Central Hungary where we get a huge help from our great allies.
0 : 33, eSerbia took three round with no epic battles in the very first hours of Sunday (CET)

Fourth round, aerial battle, 22 : 33

Fifth round with epic battle on D4: 38 : 33
D1&D2 with Albania’s help,

For seventh round eSerbian legends started to take it more seriously (D3 and D4 got epic)

The second aerial battle brought tons of romanian CO but also our friends took their part helping the battle with funds, Egypt, GAMA’s CO

Last round, D2,D3 and D4 epic rounds, won by sSerbia, 49 : 95

Thx anyway for your help during this day. It was amazing to live this battle, although we lost finally. But never forget our turning 😇3 to 49:33

Take my deepest gratitude!


Hungary’s though battles started two weeks ago. The first important battles took place at Southern Great Plain after the former Serbian country president, Free Aera
proposed Hungary as Serbia’s Natural Enemy.

In this battle our allies and friends offered for us huge damage to fight the Serbian aggression, and in smaller Divisions Croatia put even more damage to the battle than our Hungarian players.

After it came obvious that even with the help of the allies we cannot deal with damage of Serbian Legendary players hitting with their bonus, we decided to keep our damage output to our direct battles against Serbia low and help our allies who fought their battles at the original regions of USA.

Our friends, Croatia, Egypt and Ireland, who took successfully a couple of regions of the USA by that time also helped us to organise and proceed our landing at USA (Pennsylvania region).

Air Strike landing total

It needed really lot of work, coordination and damage from our friends and from the Hungarian soldiers and Military Unit leaders, because we were landing on that Tuesday, when Serbia took Hungary’s capital in an epic battle started just right after week change.

Central Hungary summary:

At the Airstrike against USA the first three battle ground rounds and the fourth air round was quite hard to succeed, but our allies after so much work of organisation that AS didn’t left as alone and help us to take the first and most difficult epic round’s points, and offered their support (damage and 80CC/mill CO from Croatia) until the end of battle. After night fall in European time zones our friends from South America helped our nightwatch to win all the rounds against the USA.

So, again, thank you, Friends of Hungary, without your contribution to our nation’s survival securing the USA regions for us we could have been erased at our originals by the Serbian aggressor.

Croatia, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Albania, Philippine, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Italy, Eire, Uruguay, ... THANK YOU. o7

However, of course, we still think that it is inadmissible what Serbia did at the last two weeks, we would like to say thanks for our honourable opponent countries and players for the many great battles we fought in the last days, regardless of the result of those battles.

Also I’d like to introduce the Hungarian Government of April of 2018 (however we are over halftime with this governemnt 🙂 )

Country President: rRonin
Minister of Defense: MasterKard
Minister of Foreign Affairs: kvasztics
vMoFa: alioth
Minister of Education: Mac Baslac
Prime Minister: Raab Donat

alioth and Raab Donat