Dear Admins,

Day 3,775, 15:11 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by 2nd Division


As a small player I probably am not very significant in regards of the game’s development and your profits, but..

Ever since I started playing this game people ask me why do I spend real money on your product. As a person with cursory knowledge of business, I always believed that by doing so, I am contributing to the product’s development and helping the company behind it respectfully.

But I must express my bitterness over the fact that this product is no longer the same for 2 years now. Or with other words, since the implementation of Aircraft Battles.

As you already know, for the last 2 years, I invested more than 20 000 000cc in eYoung players, in order to nurture their interest and keep them in the game, although this ought to be your commitment and duty.
And all of these efforts of mine – dedicated to the eSociety and the social aspect of the game.

And rather than working on solutions for the aforementioned problems, you steadily ruin the game day after day, without even giving new players a ghost of chance.

And since I don’t want this to be regarded as unfounded critique, here are a few examples:

At present new players have only one option - Aerial battles. But what befalls these players?
They are hopping into new divisions just to find themselves in D4 way too soon.
Some may ask what the link between these two things is. In fact, they are very closely related to each other.

D4 is the division with least Epic battles, therefore with least chance of earning bonus Prestige Points. And this is how it translates onto new players – their development stalls.

The solution:

Introducing Epic Aerial Battles, similar to those during the past event “Days of Mayhem”.

Why is it not going to happen?

Because of the potential decline in sales of Maverick Packs.


2016, as part of the celebration of the game’s birthday, you offered a discount on Energy Centers. On the last birthday, you did not offer the same discount.
What does that mean for eYoung players?
Either to spend 298 gold (90% more expensive as opposed to the price back in 2016) on the Energy Centers or to play with an Energy Pool that can store 300 Energy less.

Anyone can calculate the percentage share of 300 out of 1000 and easily make a conclusion about the impact this would have on the development of new players, especially compared to the older ones.

The solution:

Discount on Energy Centers.

During the last year I proposed to you many ideas.
For example introducing rockets, manufactured in rocket companies, that can be used in ground battles (dealing bigger amount of damage), as well as such for aerial battles, in order to enliven the economy as a whole and thus help weaker accounts with q1, q2 etc and to also foster the team play, while simultaneously making new players feel significant on the battlefield.

I also suggested the introduction of a double pack for old and new players, which enables Strength swapping (similar to the event on 1st of April). This would have served the same purpose – to make eBabies feel useful to their eSociety and eCountry. Something that could only arouse their interest and keep them in the game.

Increase of the storage capacity for ogranisations to 1,000,000 units, as a possibility to store government reserve and also play the market with it.

And much more, but..

Nothing happened!

What is worse is that these are products that you already have at your disposal, hence introducing them will not be a problem.

Dear Admins,

Do you really not realize that without young players your product is slowly heading towards its end?

I beg you, please do something before we all quit the scene.

Hoping for a resurrection:
Yours sincerely,