Day 3,754, 15:38 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Feynmann

Hey eBelgium,

That is actually the first article I publish in the eBelgian media and I hope it will be interesting for you.

Some of you have noticed a SHOUT I made on the National Feed, concerning the what I hope would be the beginning of the eBelgian Air Forces.

So with that article I hope I would be able to give you a more detailed information about the program and answer some questions/concerns that were asked.


- Who am I and Why do I bother?

- Why does eBelgium (desperately) needs an Air Force program?

- eBelgian Air Force - details

Who am I and Why do I bother?

Most of you don't know me, cause since I registered, a year ago, I was mostly active in the eUS. That is why I want to spare a few moments and introduce myself.

I was involved in the Government of the eUS, both in the executive and legislative branches. And I was a Press Secretary of the eUS Gov. But I'm retired now - I got disappointed by the way politics work in-game, so I sort of promised myself not to get involved with any government.

And I was doing well, till now - boredom took over (wink).

I have gained some significant experience with the military game mechanics and I currently share the Commanding position of one of the top 3 eUS Military units - Fox Company, together with the amazing rainy sunday.

I am flying most of the time and I am quite experienced with Training war mechanics, as I do quite a lot of RH hunting.

A few months ago, just as I was about to leave the eUS, I was invited by mittekemuis, who was returning to eBelgium at that time. I participated in the negotiations between eLatvia and eBelgium, when the current TW deal was arranged - I was mostly involved with the battle plans.

Why do I bother?

I think eBelgium is interesting as a country and has a lot of potential if only the handful remaining people - you guys, come back to life, out of your 2x click existence.

Especially with the current TW deal, that allows Brussels to remain free all the time, eBelgium has the potential to follow the lead of eCountries like eSwiss and eCyprus.

So with a bit of work, a slightly increased activity and a lot of group fun in the process I think eBelgium has a chance to become one of the coolest places in the eWorld, despite being clinically dead at the moment.

Why does eBelgium (desperately) needs an Air Force program?

Let's check the facts.

- eBelgium has only got a handful of active people - I'd make a wild guess and say 15-20 tops, who are actually active - working training and probably completing their Daily Order once in a while.

- Most of those active players have low or medium strength, probably due to long periods of inactivity.

This apathy can only go away (at least partially) by providing some sort of group activity within the remnants of the eBelgian community. And since this is a military based game the best place to start is the battlefield.

With the current game meta the newer players or the low/medium strength old players can only be somewhat relevant in the Air rounds because the damage difference between the players is calculated only by the difference in their Air ranks and the amount of energy bars they are willing to use.

The damage difference between players with different air ranks is not as colossal as the damage difference caused by the strength gap. So until the Perception training is introduced, the Aircraft rank gap can be significantly reduced by regular flying.

A well coordinated group of pilots, with a sufficient average Air rank, can make a visible impact in the air rounds even if they are not VISA players.

As a famous eRep player have recently sai😛

"The good Air Force is a sign of an active community."

So, just think about it and see that flying and acquiring higher Air rank is not only viable for every individual player, especially the newer ones and the low/medium strength older ones, but also building up the average national Air rank is vital for the fighting capabilities of any eNation.

And given the facts I stated at the start of this section this is even more important in the case of eBelgium.

eBelgian Air Force - details

So let's check the bits and pieces of the program.

- What is the eBelgiam Air Force?

A governmental program (NOT a Military Unit), aiming to increase the overall national Aircraft capabilities by supporting and coordinateing a group of eBelgian players, who will focus on flying.

- Who can apply?

Every eBelgian player is allowed to participate, no matter of his/her level, rank, Military unity or political party affiliations.

- What do I have to do to participate?

The program will start on the 4th of March - Day 3757.

Every Day I will post a shout on the National feed that will look like that:

eBelgian Air Force - Day x

Opened for supplies

What you have to do is the following:

- Score at least 35 air round kills in that particular day. You can score the kills in any Air round(s) you chose.

- After you score at least 35 Air round kills you need to leave a comment on the daily eBe Air Force shout, stating the number of kills and the Round(s)/Campaign(s) you did them at. Here's an example of such a comment.

Latvia vs Belgium - Wallonia - Round 4 - 36 kills

or for more than 1 round/campaign

Latvia vs Belgium - Wallonia - Round 4 - 20 kills
Latvia vs Belgium - Wallonia - Round 8 - 15 kills

For every day you are able to complete those two tasks you will receive your daily supply.


* A player can apply for supplies only once per day.

* The supply giveaways for a particular day will be closed when the shout for the next day is posted.

* If, for some reason, you miss a day that WILL NOT disqualify you for applying another day.

- What will I get for participating?

The program will start with distributing 4 000 Energy per day for every participant.

If there are enough active people, showing up every day, the program supplies can be updated.

I have listed a few ideas, that can only work if the program is doing well:

- Increase the daily food supply - that's quite clear

- Provide a weekly bonus food supply for the top pilots - top 3 in the Aircraft dmg rankings and top 3 in the Aircraft kill count rankings.

- Organize eBe Air Force coordinated strikes - that will depend on on how will the program develop and if there will be enough interest. We can organize 1 or two coordinated strikes per week. It is my opinion that this will be the most fun part of the program and I hope you'd all be interested to do that and participate.

- Apply for a Plato Foundation grant for the program - that can only work if we show there are enough people (at least 10), that are actively participating on a daily basis. The idea is to use the Plato Foundation money for a housing program, providing free houses for the participants, for example a free set of Q1, Q2 and Q3 houses.

So please, BE ACTIVE!

That is all for today

Thank you for sparing some of your time to read this article.

Please share your opinion, ideas, concerns in the comments section below.