FarmVille Versus "Going Croatian"

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1. Introduction
2. Justification of US Airstrike on Croatia
3. Plato, balanced game earns more money
4. Other


Instead of writing a lengthy introduction, I offer you linked articles at the top. Read them to better understand my text. Bear in mind I write this as an individual, rather than a member of Croatian government. And although I lost all respect (won't say forever) for USA, its institutions, and most of its populace trying to justify their attack and insulting Croats, I still respect some. I've lived for some time in the US, and it saddenes me that most (not all) Americans, both as individuals and as a country, live up to their bad reputation in eRepublik, just like they do IRL. I hope one day, when you refuse ignorance and indoctrination, you will start respecting other peoples and cultures and keep to your own backyard, instead of forcibly coming to our sh*thole countries.


I'm not going to say Americans lie or make up stories, but they do distort the truth to suit their own needs. I will ignore pure insults (and there has been a lot of those) from Americans. Pay attention to their statements before Americans launched their AS, and after Croats defeated them.

Are You ready to eat that elephant, You ants ? - Pfeiffer.
Croatia has attempted to be our friends for like 3 years. It never works out because they are just a little to weak. - chickensguys
Croatia is weak. That is the most logical explanation out of them all. USA expected to conquer Croatia with ease. Funny, when Croats landed on US soil, than they suddenly became stronger than Americans in their media, and they were fighting a holy war against an oppressor. Propaganda at its best. Fyi Americans, you play Farmville, not Jumanji. You are no elephant, but a sheep at best (pun intended).

Croatia beats us. "Against all odds" as some would put it. Fair enough, absolutely nothing wrong with losing. We have no reason to complain about it, you’re stronger, and it was an expected outcome. Well done. - Korosh I
Croatia is strong. Inversion of the previous thought. when Croatia repelled US AS, Croats have suddenly become stronger. It's funny there is nothing wwrong with losing when you are the ones losing. But before your AS on Croatia even started, Americans had mocked and taunted Croats heavily, in shouts, media, and chat. If it was an expected outcome, why AS Croatia at all, suffer a defeat, lose millions of CC and then raise taxes?

Croatia is not a friend to the US, and hasn't been for some time. - Pfeiffer.
Croatia is a non-friendly country. This contradicts chickensguys' statement that Croatia tried and tried to be American ally. Even if it is true, how in seven hells does non-friendly equals enemy? Do you just go punching people in the street for a similar reason? You bully kids in school that are not a member of your possy? You've played GTA too much. Oh, and what exactly do you do about countries that are your actual enemies?

They've very recently attempted to incite an aggressive war towards us by a third party. - Pfeiffer.
We had intelligence that Croatia has been covertly working on plans for a 'United Yugoslavia' in which Croatia, which hasn't had its cores in almost 3 years, due to repeated back stabbing of allies (including us), will finally get its cores back and attack us in conjunction with other Balkan countries. - Celtic Knight
everybody in this gae knows it, you re working on it for long time.. - Korosh I
Croatia conspired against USA by trying to make Yugoslavia. This is somewhat true. There are Croats and Serbs (and other Balkanians) who'd like to see that. I am one of them. But that isn't anything new, that's old news, from the start of this game. And that feeling has only grown stronger in the last couple of years since we don't see a point anymore in fighting each other. And yes, one of Yugoslav target would be USA. But here's the thing: we didn't want Croatia to join Serbia and attack USA per se. We wanted Balkanian countries to join together against both Asteria and Pacifica, and the rest of the world. We are not cowards like you: we wanted to fight somebody our own size. So stop using some of players' wishes out of context to attack another country without provocation, because you just made that Balkanian sentiment stronger, but this time with a particular desire to wipe USA specifically. Funny, the CIA busted Yugoslavia IRL, and here you are trying to do the same. The fact that we have been trying to make Yugoslavia and failed to do it across a 10-year period only shows how much of real threat Yugoslavia was to America, and how lame an excuse that is. Also, at the time US proposed their AS on Croatia, Croatia had already NE-ed Serbia. I wonder who gave you „threatening“ information about Yugoslavia. Was it the same guy who informed you on Afghan, Lybian, Iraqi, Irani... [one eternity later] weapons of mass destruction?

USA didn't expect dead Croatian tanks and generals to come back to life. Seems like not only Americans don't appreciate allies and their friendship over American interests, but they also don't stay in touch with each other. Most of Croatian players are V1 veterans, and have met regularly on eRepublik meetings and formed RL friendships. Others stay in Facebook and and Whatsapp groups, just in case something amazing happens (like V1 return). It's something you woould know about if, instead of your perpetual interests, you had perpetual friendships.

USA wanted to liberate Thailand. I can't believe American people actually believed this crap. Then again, that is all they believe in IRL, so why am I surprised. Croatia was in Thailand with their permission (they are mostly Balkanians), and was about to leave and start a new TW. That is why Croatia was able to launch an Airstrike as soon as they did, since their AS was filled for that TW. Another proof of this is Thailand fighting for Croatia against USA.

I think it's great. A real war, to break the monotony of Training Wars, is good for the eRepublik community. We don't like Croatia. They don't really like us, since 2012. It was time to blow off some steam and we are doing just that with each other, nothing personal. - Wild Owl
USA just wanted some fun. If you want some real fun, then attack somebody your own size. Or at least don't be an annoying baby telling mommy Pacifica on Croatia after you puch them and they kick you back. Like Croats are supposed to tolerate American bullying just because Americans can't get laid IRL so ther lives get monotonous and accumulate steam. Are we supposed to feel sorry for you or something? And to answer specifically to Wild Owl's statement: Croatia already had a real war. And not liking doesn't equal hating. Not liking is neutral, no steam accumulated there. And hell yeah, it was personal. You made it personal, until the end of server. Or you, if that comes first.

eUSA this is our chance to shine and to show the eWorld what we are made of, to put aside all our differences and to have the same common goal, WIN. - Celtic Knight
Croatia thinks now they have a “moral responsibility” to show their “craziness, bravery, morality” to the world by going against “big bad USA” for "revenge". Croatia attacks USA. - Korosh I
In my opinion, virtue lies in actions and not intentions. You say you are brave and fight wars without fear (I don't know exactly what constitutes fear in an online game, but ok). - Korosh I
USA is the best. Manifest Destiny is their version of Mein Kampf. They think they are destined to rule, or at least govern and police everybody else, to their interest, off course. And while American supremacy IRL is becoming debatable as time goes, here it is not: it doesn't exist. And they have a problem with that. Pay attention to how polarly different the above two statements are. USA attacked Croatia because of their feeling of superiority, and then blame Croatia for doing it out of the exact same reason. There is a difference. See, USA thought and did what a common bully thinks and does. Croats defended themselves: they are not a punching bag. Like I wrote above, for Croats it was personal. Off course, it's not bad if people see you fighting back, so they won't repeat that mistake, not because Croats want to intimidate other people, but so others would leave them be. USA AS-ing Croatia is no different from a 20 kg (45 lbs) heavier bully that used to pick on me in front of the entire class for weeks. When I finally kicked him in the nuts and punched him in the throat and then continued to choke him, I wasn't thinking how people around must think I'm superior, crazy, brave, moral, nor did I want revenge. The only thoughts flying through my mind were how I felt sorry for that guy and I hoped he would stop if I ignore him. And how that didn't work, and that one of these days he might hurt me real bad. And how I have to beat him bad, not to embarras him in front of others, or to make him fear me, but to show him I could kill him had he continued. Actually, US AS was even worse: attacking a country with no regions, resources, money or active community is like punching and kicking an already unconscious kid. And Korosh, you should really discuss that hypocritical opinion of yours, that virtue lies in actions and not intentions. So, how do you rate US action of attacking Croatia, over Croatia's intention to attack USA once Yugoslavia is formed?

USA tried to help Hungary. Huh? Croatia is Hungary's ally, and an active one. Please, stop with excuses, they are getting more lame with each one of them.

Croatian AS wasn't planned at all, totally random. But we haven't forgotten about you. We will come back. And then, we will wipe you out. We will leave you Wyoming. Maybe then, just maybe, you'll learn to appreciate it and all other Wyomings across the globe.


Often when somebody mentions the game imbalance, they get showered with insulting and demeaning comments. Though, they might have a point. It was foolish of me to think players belonging to the winning side would like to ballance the game on their expense. I always thought it not fun to be on a stronger side. Balance is best, but when unavaialbe, I would rather be on a slightly weaker side. I repeat, just a slightly weaker side. Like when you play soccer, and there is an odd number of kids on the playground. No problem, we will play 5:6, and I'd like to be in the weaker team. More funn. Any game or sport that would become unbalanced, most kids would restart. Hell, even when I play Dota, and it becomes so obvious one side is losing, we restart. What's the point of continuing the match when you already know who is going to win? How is that any fun?

And there I was wront, most of you do not share my opinion. Playing soccer in a team of 6 versus 5 and winning 4:0 wouldn't be a problem for you, because you like to win. You would never think of saying „hey, one of us will come play for your team.“ When you play Dota and have already destroyed their base towers, while they haven't even touched any of yours, you proceed to drag the battle for another hour or two destroying their base building by building. You don't like to play, let alone face a challenge. You hate the beginning, when all bets are off. You take life too serously, let alone a game, and on top of that a crappy one. If you really feel that way, life is going to be hard on you. The real life.

There is a point you are right at. Some of you might think to yourself: „What if we stop playing farmville first, and start a real war, nobody supports us, and we get wiped for a long time?“ That's an ok thinking, a rational thinking. But that kind of mindset doesn't belong to this game. You are better off wiped, than playing farmville. You are afraid, I can understand that. But that is like suffering at a bad job with an as*hole of a boss, or being afraid to criticize your partner because you are afraid you're gonna end up getting dumped. It is ok to be afraid, but if you can't face those situations, than you are not an adult person capable to run their own life. So, to let that fear run your life is not having a life at all. It'w not worth living. And that is RL. With you having so much fear in this game, it's even worse. Let me quote Korosh again:

In my opinion, virtue lies in actions and not intentions. You say you are brave and fight wars without fear (I don't know exactly what constitutes fear in an online game, but ok).

And that comes from a citizen of farmville. Pacifica is afraid to fight against Asteria. USA is afraid to fight against Serbia. Americans are afraid to lose their resources. So much hipocrisy.

Balancing the game remains to be done by eRepublik Labs. The thing is that all mechanisms that enable TW and farmville need to be removed.

Airstrike and Direct trade routes
Designed as a poor measure to flush out CC and food. Seriously, you could make regular declarations of war to cost extra money and products. Airstrikes only enable strong, mostly Eurpean countries, to hunt for resource colonies in Asia. Russia, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia need no airstrikes to wage wars. It also removed a lot of strategy planning from campaings. It's a lot harder, and also more rewarding to build corridors through a lot of friendly and enemy countries to reach a certain resource, and then return/abandon regions you need no more. It also requires capable leadership.

Determination Bonus and Resistance Wars
How did we come from epic battles for resources in Lion King and Hello Kitty to farmville? V1 mechanisms made conquering regions tough, and liberating them even tougher, since there were always DS and Hospital bonuses for whoever was defending the region, and supporting a resistance costed 50 Gold + 0.25 Gold per resident. Furthermore, only citizens of the conquered country could raise the resiestance Now the resistance side gets a bonus, it costs less than 2.5 gold, any everybody can raise them anywhere. Nobody wants to fight a real war when they know they could lose regions so easily.

Adding countries
The Labs did a mistake by doing this. Countries with resources and low populace only serve as colonies for the powerful to play farmville. Why attack your powerful neighbour, when you have so many weak Asian countries and the AS option to reach them. Best case scenario: they don't get wiped, but still ruled by Europeans who couldn't earn their CP and CM medals back at home. All countries that couldn't, let's say, get at least 50 voters in CPs election during the 2017, puff, gone. Seriously, no reason to keep them, otherwise you can fill out the entire map, 'cause I'm pretty sure you could find players of all nationalities here.

Resource allocation mechanism
Resource wars are a trap. They grant resources to countries which are able to dish out most damage during that competition. As we have seen, Croatia can dish a lot of damage in a week, and then it's done. We get resources, and a more powerful Serbia wipes us for them. Same with other countries. Resources should be allocated based on let's say, total damage done last year. Make Hungary, Poland, Romani and Serbia fight each other for rubber, don't let them make so many colonies, so far away, so easy. Or do it based on RL resources (from past and present, otherwise Europe would have no metal). Or simply return the V1 resources and their placement on the map, it worked. The only industry that didn't exist back then is aircraft industry. Just delete it, we don't need it, nor air battles. One would think the Labs added air battles so people who don't pay RL money would have a chance. But that could only be possible of there were a fixed daily amount of energy, equal for everybody. This way, the same people that rule D4, lower divisions with Maverick, also rule Air with EBs. And there is barely any strategy added.

True Patriot, Mercenary, Freedom Fighter
We all know that when there were real wars, there were around 10-20 of those, and no country was in perpetual war, so it could fight for it allies as well. True Patriot motivates players to keep fighting in their TWs instead in real wars of their allies.
Mercenary and FF medals were introduced to help smaller countries (seriously, jsut delete them). It resulted in all wars becoming TW to farm the medals., just like TP. All these medals pump too much CC in the game.

MPPs versus Alliances
If a country is officially (by ingame mechanisms) a member of an alliance, it should not be able to make an MPP with a country who is a member of an another alliance, to avoid current situation: Pacifica becoming proAsteria. MPPs could be possible with countries outside alliances, though this could be missused by a country practically being in an alliance (and fighting for its interests and gaining from it) while officially being without an alliance. Maybe the abuse could be limited by limiting the number of MPPs per country (perhaps 5), so if a country wants more allies, it has to formally join an alliance. MPPs are limited to around 5 anyway, by that deployment thing. Which is useless as well.

No, I don't want to erase that feature, just make it more powerful. It could prevent citizens of other countries from fighting in wars that their own or allied/MPP countries are not involved in - if they want to freely fight anywhere, for CO, epic PPs, FF & M medals, they should have the option to renounce their citizenship and be real soldiers of fortune.

eReblik Labs could earn more money
Pack consuption should be elevated simply because patriotic visa players stopped using RL money since either there is no need (their strong country rules weakers ones), or because it would be in vain (a couple of visa tanks from weaker countries cannot defend their countries for long term against stronger ones, so they won't bother swiping at all). By putting strong countries against each other, patriotic visa players might start spending RL money again.


All congresmen votes on law proposals ought to be public. How else are we supposed to know for sure who exactly works for their voters' interests? Also, both Croatia and USA complained about recent enemy infiltrationsn (Serbs and Croats, respectively) in ther respective congresses simply because some congressmen vote law proposals contra their country's interests, but we cann't determine who for sure.

Also, all congress proposals should be in the country shout tab, with enabled comments for discussions.