Farewell to Pacifica

Day 3,732, 08:56 Published in Hungary Hungary by Nalaja

Our friend TheJuliusCaesar acknowledged the rift „irreconcilable” between Hungary and Pacifica alliance in his well written and detailed article. Since after publishing the article, a sudden proposal was made by Pacifica SG to remove Hungary from the alliance, I decided to argue one of the main messages of his summary. Just to inform the reader, Pacifica has at the moment 10 members, so 6 yes votes is almost enough (7 votes make the needed 2/3 majority, if Hungary abstains or cannot vote on the issue, then 6 is enough - UPDATE, as far as I know, it is 7 so far, so the proposal passes). Also I make some comments to the voting issue, as the player who was Hungarian CP when we joined Pacifica 22 months ago, and as a former Pacifica SG.

Julius said, concerning the Pacifica situation a year ago: "At this point the alliance considered we are weaker than Asteria and need to move towards them"

I agree your starting point "Asteria was stronger than Pacifica", it was true from the very beginning. However there are more than just one possible and reasonable way to follow and still be in security:

1. This one you follow. Security - OK. Playground - none.

2. To get the mid-position, able to be defend ourselves if attacked from *any* sides. It's also working, pretending neither side gets 50%+ world majority. Security – OK. Playground – some.

Pacifica applied Nr. 2 (the so-called ’Prophet-doctrine, proposed by SG Prophet in the summer 2015). and applied till last spring (till the AS against Turkey). In this period no one attacked Pacifica. Then - I underline: without common decision, without discussing together, just by decision of some members - the alliance went to Nr. 1. Result? Colin's attack on Russia and Finland, Asterian attack on Mexico.

If majority of the alliance would apply the farmville mode (daily TWs and keeping occupied some not-so-loved countries together with Asteria), this is a viable option. However, it would have been accepted as a result of a formal voting after a proper discussion. This formal move is painfully missed last spring and even since. No summit was held on this issue. No agenda, formal decision, nothing. Of course the chat surfaces were full of debates, but no formal one. Not a single effort to solve this strategic problem, neither during the SGship of TheJuliusCaesar, nor during the one of Yui. Also I have to say, not even about the present issue, about removing Hungary. The second official summit of the last year, held some weeks ago, had no word on this.
And now SG Yui proposed to expel Hungary, without informing Hungary, without any discussion. Nice job.

(Intermission: in June 2017 TheJuliusCaesar announced he would resign from the SG position. In the final voting two nominees remaine😛 Yui and me. Voting ends by the tie result of 5-5 two times. Then a summit agreed we take the decision of the operating SG’s hands. Julius decided to choose Yui. A few minutes later Hungary – accepting the decision – asked all members to elect Yui, thus the voting went unanimously to him. After this background, the present way of proposal was, hm, less friendly. As the Rogue Warrior says, doom on you, Yui.)

In the last week, Hungary got a barrage of ASs and a DoW from Asteria and proAsteria, resulting to lose our bonus colonies. Not a single word from Pacifica community (thanks for the help to Russia and Mexico, anyway). Then came the move of the USA, an AS to… whom? an attacker of Hungary? No – to Croatia, who had MPP with Hungary. Nice help, indeed. Then they lost the landing operation, Croatia ASd back them. Then half of the Pacifica went against Croatia, deleting MPPs with us. It would be still OK, as defending a member’s cores. However, combining this with the present proposal to remove us from alliance, a faint suspicion arises.

If nothing special happens in the next weeks, it was just a quite irregular closing of some internal debates, excluding the maverick from the discussion. But if the Asteria comes against Hungary, especially if with some Pacifica support, it would say the recent activity was a deliberate treason on us. It would say, the alliance sold out a member for their own security or for whatever.

Hope I’m wrong and it is not the case. Because if I’m right, then doom on you, Pacifica – because you can start worrying, who will be next member to be sacrificed to the Mighty Asteria?