[VoeH] AS against alliance repelled

Day 3,704, 14:01 Published in Hungary Serbia by Voice of eHungary

Honourable players around the world!

Monday evening Switzerland proposed an AS against our ally and Pacifica member, Sweden. The attack begun on Tuesday evening, just before the autoattack. In the first round UKs Finest pushed all divisions so much, that D3 became and epic, so that Switzerland won. Sadly, the night didn't go well for us and the enemy won round after round. In the morning however GAMA has arrived and started to support hard our side with dmg and CO aswell.
I personaly think, without Greece's and Argentina's help, the battle couldn't have been changed. Hungary was fortunate enough to get deployed, so we fought from home through MPP. The 8th (air) round was particularly good for us, we managed to do lots of dmg.

8. round

Total battle

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MoFA of Hungary