[VoeH] eHungarian government of January

Day 3,701, 01:00 Published in Hungary Serbia by Voice of eHungary

Honourable players around the world!

I would like to present you the Hungarian government of January:

Country President: Nevenincsis

Vice President: Domv

Minister of Defense: Dacicus Maximus

MoD Team: Envagyok0223, rohamkacsa, szemi, Magus79

Minister of Foreign Affairs: alioth

MoFa Team: aimeisan, Nevenincsis, Mitsou


Government spokesman: FlaMi

Minister of Social Affairs: Mitsou

Advisors: Galvinus Hamptitus, Dunedan

In case you'd like to contact us, feel free to send us a letter, or visit our discord channel.

Best regards,

MoFA of Hungary