Invitations and future plans of Erepublik

Day 65, 00:00 Published in USA by Plato

Dear Citizens,

New invitations

More gold and more Citizens will enter Erepublik over the next days, yesterday we gave 2 invitations to each of the Citizens that used all their invitations (more than 4000 Citizens). Also we've sent 800 invitations to people waiting to enter the New World.

So if you had run out of invitations, now is the time to bring more friends into Erepublik. We want to test how the new servers behave under the extra load and it should also help the economies. If you will see accounts that you suspect are fake, please send a private message to the admin account reporting it.


Besides fixing bugs and resolving security problems we plan to work in parallel also on:

Phase 1: Until the 22nd of February - Redesigning some sections that put a lot of weight on the database or that we are not happy with and some minor improvements:
- Country/region pages (there are a lot of macroeconomic stats that are killing the database and are not very accurate)
- CV list page (better listing of the CV's)
- Top Erepublik (easy to select and view the tops of Erepublik)
- Erepublik stats page (loading very badly at the moment)
- Monetary exchange market (not very easy to understand it at the moment)
- Country export-import agreements
We will also focus on security, bugs, loading and accessibility problems on each of those pages.

Phase 2: Until the 28th of March â�&ium l;¿½ Improvements
- Media improvements (vote for the best articles, subscribe to comments, better newspaper and article look)
- Military module (Guardians - armies with soldiers paid by the states to defend regions, Alliances, Battle module)
- Fight for freedom - Citizen will be able to fight against the country where they live in to join their motherland;
Of course the cost of starting a war after the Military module is ready will be much cheaper (based on country specific variables)

Phase 3: Q2, Q3 2008: V1
We will be working and delivering the first phases of the V1 version of Erepublik. It will include support for Multilanguage, API's, an easier to create new modules, better caching, etc.
Meanwhile we will keep one or two developers to fix the bugs or create new features on the live beta version (features that we will then depending on your feedback integrate into V1, please see below phase 4).

Phase 4: You are the architect (running in parallel to Phase 3)
Implementing new features into the live beta and V1 chosen and or suggested by citizens (digg like system of voting). We have in mind things like: Voting tool to make it more simple to create new laws, Internal advertising (should be paid with gold), Natural hazards (...that are not bugs), Administration salaries, Private forums, etc.

The Erepublik Team