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Day 3,626, 13:46 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by Sollam
Здравейте, приятели!

Съгласно регламента на фондацията, финансирането е само за месец, след което е необходимо да заявим отново желанието си за финансиране на еУикли за следващия месец.
Ето защо ви молим да вотвате, шаутвате и коментирате в статията, като искрено бихме се радвали повече българи да са част от екипа, за да можем да им помагаме, заплащайки статиите им, рубриките им или преводите им!

Сърдечно Ви Благодарим!!!

Dear Readers,

We would like to thank you for supporting our cause. Without you it simply couldn’t be the same.

More than a month ago, Sollam came up with the idea to revive the journalistic module of eRepublik. He wanted to create something different, something that everyone will look forward to at the end of the week. This is how the Weekly Journal was born.

We started from the bottom – we had no money. We only relied on our good will. 4 people – a writer, a translator, a designer and NO CARIER😊.
Many sleepless nights, lots of coffee and much passion. This is all it took to bring the Journal to life.

Many people were happy to see that we put effort into something. They liked the outcome, however none of them had high hopes for the Journal’s future. Nobody believed we could get sponsored by Plato and make the project a worldwide collaboration.

But we proved them wrong - we managed to arouse Plato’s interest and involve the global community. Right now we have an international team. Many people are interested in working as a part of our team. The Weekly Journal becomes great feedback.

Here are some of the heart-warming comments we have received by our readers:

Here you could read all of our work

Issue one
Issue two
Issue three
Issue four
Issue five

We improved a lot for the scarce time of four weeks. Here is a comparison between our 1st and 4th issue:

Now, the financial aid by Plato has come to an end. We received 4 times 250gold, total of 1000 gold.
We used them to reward people for their hard work on the project. Many took part and got their horarium.

It was a busy month for us. The Journal needed lots of care. We learned that managing so many people and making them work on something together could be an extremely hard thing to do.
But we didn’t give up.
The Journal taught us many things, including not to give up on the things you believe in.

It's a great feeling to work very hard on something and see it get appreciated.

This is what we feel every week with the Journal. And we don’t want to give up on this feeling just now! We have many ideas for the future of the project. There is no room for waiting!

This is why we submit our project for further sponsorship by Plato.

We demand 4x 250 gold grant in order to keep our team growing and motivated.

Should Plato Foundation approve our project once again, the community will keep having a quality source of Journalism.