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Day 3,599, 12:55 Published in Croatia Croatia by William Thomas Riker

Some of you, my regular readers, might have noticed how I started publishing articles in greater frequency than before. Truth is, I just got back from the dead this summer and decided to find an interest of mine and keep it running for as long as I can. That interest turned out to be journalism. It's not easy to be sucessful at it these days, but I pulled it off before. And now there is barely any competition left.

Me publishing articles these days

The thing is I feel kind of alone in my endeavour. Sure, there are great a many other people who write great stuff, from time to time. But they don't consider themselves to be journalists first, or focus only on one of the game modules, usually economy or military. And that is ok.

This could be us, but you don't write

But we need diverse journalism to satisfy the apetites of our Community. We need more writers, reporters, analysts, poets, interviewers, storytellers and comic artists with to finese players' minds, hearts, and attention. Your endorsements, too, says Quark.

We have to tackle eRepublik issues from multiple angles

I understand there is not much going on. The game has become such a bore most of you don't even look up the News page, let alone write something. Not many people good with words are left, and to make it even worse, their articles can't reach you in the sea of all the spamming beggars trying to solve missions.

Boredom consumes us all

To be honest, this project of mine is nothing extraordinary. At least it wouldn't have been a couple of years ago. But it still may provide us with a kick in the right direction. Some of you might think that resistance is futile, but the day that thought enters my mind, I will leave this game for another year, again. This is just something I have to give a shot to.

I want to organise a competition and give you some ideas what to write about. I also want to give you the opportunity to get your talents and hard work recognized, as well as some entertainment for the Community. That's the point: fun. For all of us: writers to put their brains to work and possibly win absurd amounts of gold, and readers to recreate with some quality content.

Now, this is my vision, but your suggestions are welcome before and if this project receveise Plato's sponsorship. It's going to be a one time deal, though, if it sparks great enough interest, it could be repatead, let's say, on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. All players are welcome to apply and submit their work. Depending on the money awarded by Plato, at least the top 3 best articles in each category will be rewarded, perhaps more.

1) There are five categories, and every citizen can submit one article in each.
2) All articles are to be written in English, though they may have translation to other languages as well.
3) All work has to be original and fresh: I will google for similarities, and I will google hard.
4) It has to be eRepublik related.
5) It has to be fun: no serious in debth analysis', insults, nor debates.

The categories are as follows:
1) INTERVIEW: you can interview a famous citizen, a newcomer or a 2-clicker, a female citizen (since they are scarce and easily attract attention), or even have several short interviews of people with common denominator. Daria89 did exactly that in her Meet Epicness, Meet Croatian Babies, All Croatian Beauties - Meet Croatian Women, Meet Croatian Rookies, Meet [insert nationality], etc. editions. Prime example of such an article is Modesty is a Virtue - Interview with Miss Modesty [HR-EN].
2) SATIRE: mock another citizen, Plato, your government, other countries, the game itself. Just try to make it funny enough to make people cry. Check William Thomas Riker is a thief, a liar, and manipulates the masses. Unfortunately, it's in Croatian and Google Translate does a crappy job, but it was hilarious! My then dormitory roommate published it when we were still freshmen at university.
3) COMIC: draw something in Paint if that's the only thing you've got. It doesn't have to be an artistic masterpiece, it has to send a message. Be it a funny one, mocking... whatever, just make it fun. You can use [G6] Thanks, allies! | Спасибо вам, ребята! as a template.
4) POEM: this one needs no explanation. Whatever form you choose, we don't care. Just make some rhymes and make us giggle.
5) STORY: I remember people used to write war stories. They would portray epic eRepublik battles and political and other events as if they were IRL, exaggerating things, adding details, using existing information and making a fluid train of thought, since the game itself is limited. Then there were some really funny ones, motivational... and so on. The point is to get people emotionally invested.

If this catches the attention of the members of the Board, writers will be given sufficient time to come up with ideas and work on them. To ensure their entries all reach the target audience following steps will be made:
1) I will "publish" a blank article just before they publish theirs, and give them a text they will paste at the top of their articles saying it is a part of the competition, with a link to my blank article. It will also ask the readers to shout my article;
2) they will publish theirs roughly at the same time, and provide me with the links to their articles;
3) I will edit my blank article, so it would contain the links of all the entries.

This procedure will ensure that:
1) all of the entries get published at the same time, negating any individual's time advantage;
2) all of the entries will be linked in one article, which will be shouted (not individual ones) to give every contender access to all of the Community to see and judge their articles.

This seems most fair, since it will enable me to objectively declare winners, considering number of votes eachy entry receives. I think it's better that the Community decides this way, instead of me personally choosing my favorites.

I updated my Friends list

I've put much thought and effort into this. I deleted 1500 of my dead friends and added as many new ones, but only 1 out of 15 citizens might be interested in this. So, I ask of you to shout this with me. I have never asked for shouts before, but now I do. Help me help the Community. Even if you don't plan on participating, I bet you would like to break out of the routine and read something interesting for once. For those whore are interested in taking part in the contest, simply say so in the comments. And vote this up!

Wait, am I Donatra or Picard?!

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Bringing Back the Fun to the Community

Live long and prosper!