Gyantse Foundation - Opening act

Day 3,599, 08:10 Published in USA Belgium by Gyantse

The idea to set up some kind of foundation to support players from eRepublik, to help new players and entertain senior players has come to my mind at the start of this year. At first, I was quite eager to set it up, contact some friends from other countries so that the foundation would have an impact in more than just one country and have a bigger reverberation on the eRepublik world. I even contacted eRepublik team to try and get some Plato supplies. But as most of the ideas in eRepublik, mine died as well, due to the inactive community, lack of new players and funds.

When I saw the Plato Foundation, I was sceptical at first, should I try to set up my own foundation or not? When I was Minister of Education in several governments in Belgium and Switzerland I tried to set up some projects to help new players. All of them failed due to lack of response from new players, but as well there was always a question of funding. So I decided to try and see if I can set up at least one of my projects with help from Plato.

I came up with some ideas for schemes that would help eRepublik players, quite a few didn’t make the cut for this final draft and only the most realistic ones have. I will present those that will be first the schemes of the Gyantse Foundation. If anyone has ideas or see how to improve current ones please do not hesitate to contact me. Also if you are interested in becoming part of my foundation, I am looking for officers to help me distribute rewards and for ambassadors to carry the word about the Gyantse foundation around the eRepublik world.


Since its introduction, the aircraft module was seen as the feature where new and old players could have a similar impact on the battle. However more recently, the gap between small and big hitters is growing, but there is still chance for everyone to catch up in rank, as perception is not soon to be expected. Therefore the Gyantse foundation will reward everyone with 150 energy (for now only players with a rank under Chief Master Sergeant and with no packs, could change if we get Plato grant and there is interest) for every 10th air kill they make.

Anyone who wants to be rewarded and get free energy to help growing their air rank can request food via this form, or post in discord channel of Gyantse foundation in chat #airfights with the link and kills. Please note that you can request your reward after weekly challenge change for a previous weekly challenge and you have time till next weekly challenge change.


Completing the Daily orders rewards you with one energy bar and parts to create one bazooka. Collecting energy bars gives you the opportunity to go for Battle hero, sky hero or any other medal connected with the battle system. Therefore the Gyantse foundation will reward every completed Daily order with 10 q7 weapons and 200 energy and if you complete Daily order every day of the week you will also get a bonus of 10 q7 weapons and 200 energy. The scheme rewards will only be distributed to players without packs and with a rank lower than Titan for now but it may change in future.

Because you can not access information about previous week completed orders, applications for this scheme will be open on every Monday, when is the last day we can see completed DOs for the current week. You can request your reward via this form or post in discord channel of Gyantse foundation in chat #dorewards with the link and number of DOs completed and optionally a screenshot. Please note that providing a screenshot of which we can see the number of DOs you completed will help us process applications faster and save some work.


Erepublik journalism is in decline. But who doesn’t like to read a good article, whether it is connected to eRepublik or not. In trying to encourage more articles to be published the Gyantse foundation will reward senior citizen’s articles with the same amount of currency they will get from endorsement and junior authors with double endorsement fee they receive. In order to not miss any article, you can show us yours in our discord channel. Also, note that articles such as “please I need 25 comments for mission” will not count for a reward if there will not be any other topic presented.


We are also planning to run some lotteries, where everyone could take part for the symbolic fee. As the numbers with which we will operate are not yet known, let’s leave rewards of lotteries as a surprise until then.


A lot of players keep playing because of the community. While in the past most players used to hang out on IRC, nowadays the common meeting place is discord. To keep things interesting we decided to make some giveaways on our discord channel. To create a fun community for senior citizens and invite new players to join and become part of a group made up of various types of players.

So these are first five schemes we will try to get going and hopefully there will be more to come to help grow the Gyantse foundation, all to bring fun and help the players of eRepublik. If you are interested to help please contact me. Also, every donation is welcomed if you wish to help us out. As we don’t yet know how big our budget will be and with what numbers we will operate, schemes marked as “COMING SOON” are planned to start next month.

I will also publish another article, where I will show you where to get the required information to fill the forms. You can also come around our our discord channel, where we will be glad to help you out.