Raw Material update: What does it do

Day 3,573, 07:51 Published in Finland Finland by TheJuliusCaesar

A minor upcoming update was announced for Erepublik today, affecting the raw materials. The upcoming change is relatively small and factually makes no big difference for anyone, yet it caused a disproportionate amount of moaning in the friends feed. So what does the update do and what are its effects? In this rather short (too short) article, I'll cover briefly what we can expect to happen when the change goes live.

Stop the panicking and read this.

In all its simplicity, the upcoming update will divide the current amounts of Raw Materials and the productivity of Raw Material production by 100. It's really that simple. An exception comes with the amount of storage slots the new raws occupy, which will stay the same when compared to the current Raw Materials (so in new Raw Materials, one will occupy 100 slots), probably to maintain the current effect on storage there. Which makes sense. So what are the ramifications?

More accurate Raw Material prices
This is the main beef of it, in fact pretty much all of it. Consider the current situation. You got 100k raws you want to sell and you are in urgent need of money. Therefore you want to sell them with 0.01cc less than the lowest offer to get them sold quickly and get the money. In current setting, in case of Weapon Raw Material, this means going from 0.04 to 0.03cc, effectively taking a giant chunk away from the money you receive.

Consider, then, the upcoming situation. You got 1k raws you want to sell and are in urgent need of money. Therefore you want to sell them with 0.01cc less than the lowest offer to get them sold quickly. In the upcoming setting, this means going from 4cc to 3.99cc (or 0.01cc lower than where the price ultimately settles), effectively losing you very little money. See the function? Prices get more accurate. Only ones in disadvantage are market bots who bought with 0.03cc and sold with 0.04cc, gaining insane 33% profit with just 0.01cc change in price.

In essence, what we are going to see is a small fluctuation in Raw Material prices to bridge the difference between the actual market price of raws and the inflexible 0.0x cc currently and the price error it causes. Nothing more. Nothing less.

No need to panic and buy Q7 with exorbitant prices, friends. Unless you want to, which would mean more money for me.

Q: Does this update mean that producing weapons and food will now take 100x more resources comparatively?
A: No. The Raw Materials required for food and weapons got also divided by 100, which means that there will be no effect whatsoever on production.

Q: Will the update somehow affect gold price?
A: No. All the update does is to move the decimal two slots towards right and cause a small, below 1cc, fluctuation in the RM prices towards the actual market price. It shouldn't affect the gold price.

Q: Will the update affect the amounts of Raw Materials in my storage?
A: Yes. Also the amount of Raw Materials in your storage will be divided by 100, although they continue to take the same amount of Storage capacity as before.

Please feel free to propose additions for the FAQ to enlargen it and fix misconceptions.