Rental agreement between Romania and Ukraine

Day 3,562, 12:26 Published in Romania Romania by Ministry of Foreign Affairs RO

The two sides agree to the following:

1. Six regions of eUkraine will be rented by eRomania (Bassarabia, Subcarpathia, Galicia and Lodomeria, Volhynia, Taurida and Donbas).
2. eRomania will pay to eUkraine a rent at the end of the month, consisting in 270.000 cc, which will be paid every third of the month.
3. eUkraine will not open RWs in these regions and will not fight there if a third party opens it.
4. If at some point, determination reset is needed or eRomania loses a region, eUkraine will set NE on eRomania at eRomania’s request, in order to return these regions listed above to eRomania.
5. If Ukraine's NE is blocked on another country, when Romania loses a region or it needs reseting determination, Romania can NE Ukraine.
6. New governments will meet on tenth each month to discuss any eventual interferences. This agreement will automatically prolonged for the next month if in the 10th of each month is not declared the changes of any party.


CP of eRomania: The Black Tulip
CP of eUkraine: B A N D E R A