Interview with Allyenna and Zhuge Liang, recently eMarried

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(La versión en Castellano, con escenas inéditas, lo tendres esta noche)

First, I would like to thank you for agreeing to conduct this interview.

1 - When you decided to get married?
Allyenna: I think, it was when he declared his love... before that, I
wasn't very convinced (in fact, I didn't want to get married), but
nobody can say no to Zhuge Liang :3
Zhuge Liang: When the rumors about our relationship begin to be know,
and the people begin to demand the truth. Allyenna challenge me, that
I do not dare to make it public, but shw wasn't expecting a proposal
of marriage 😛

2- Do you plan to have childs soon?
Allyenna: We would like it, fill eSpain with Allyenitas and Zhuge
Liancitos, but the life is too expensive >_<
Zhuge Liang: When Erepublik permits to have childs 😛
(Admins, we want to have sons/daughters soon!! xDDD)

3- Are you really in love or everything has been a set-up to increase
your visits?
Allyenna: Actually, it's because we are lovers, although nobody bitter
a sweet 😛 (my first article that has arrive to the front page, before
the temporal overturn xDDDD)
Zhuge Liang: We are in love 🙂

4- Did you have relationships with other persons before this?
Allyenna: I was more virgin than the mother of Darth Vader, I hope he too...
Zhuge Liang: Well, the nights in Canada are cold and lonely, and you
know, among so many international voluntaries and thankful canadian
girls... soldier's life is very hard xDD
Well, but all this is not going to come to light, so... put a 'no', or
somegthing like that 😛

5 - Do you have any economic interest in this relationship?
Allyenna: Of course not xDDDDD
Zhuge Liang: With a successful mayoress, congressman, vice president
and secretary of communicationsfrom a mayority party?... I mean, no 😛

6 - Do your parents agree with this Marriage?
Allyenna: I am an orphan, I don't know my eParentsSoy, so I don't know 🙁
Zhuge Liang: Of course, it seems they love her more than my ¬_¬

7 - (to Allyenna, obviously) Are you e-Pregnant?
Allyenna: ¡Nooo! At least yet 😛
Zhuge Liang: tssss.. in fact yes, but it's not going to born until the
v1 of the game 😛

8- (to Zhuge obviously one more time😛) Have you give her the ring?
Is it really a Q4? Do you have a house? Do you sleep in the same eBed?
(4 in 1 🙂 )
Allyenna: Actually, it's a Q6 😁
Zhuge Liang: Yes, No, Yes, Of course 😛

9- Is it true that this interview is non-profit? (I mean, I haven't
pay, this is about the "secret price" 😃)
Allyenna: Actually we have donated all the money to MSF, so... no 🙂
Zhuge Liang: mmm.. here I have to say no?, for the taxes, isn't it?..
well, but I'm not going to return the 25000ESP... I was saying, we have not gained anything 😛

10- This isn't an attempt to see if Zhuge can get a job like
Cristesco, right? (I mean, working in eRepublik)
Allyenna: Mmmmm... It would not be a bad option, life is expensive, we
have to furnish the flat... xDDDD
Zhuge Liang: Ey! that's a great idea!!
Hi dear admins, I'm a poor programmer with knowledges in Network
Administration, Security, MySQL database administration (with
scalability and replication), Coding in PHP, C and C++, Perl,
..... (5 minutes later) ....
and linux (I'm a Gentoo maniac xD)

Thank you for agreeing to the interview. And congratulations

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