[Plato's Foundation Proposal] - Alcateia - Brazilian RH Hunter Team

Day 3,544, 02:34 Published in Brazil Argentina by lobo gothic

Bom dia, tarde e noite pra todo mundo 🙂
Eu decidi inscrever o Projeto Alcateia na Fundação de Desenvolvimento do Plato. É uma mistura do artigo de renovação e o hall da fama, mas em inglês. Peço que votem e divulguem no mural de amigos, Unidade Militar e Partidos.

Good day, afternoon and evening 🙂
I've decided to sign up Project Alcateia in Plato's Development Foundation. Please read, vote and shout my article to all your friends, Military Units and Parties. o/

Greetings to everybody around the world, this article is a proposal for a join in Plato's Foundation. I am not here to talk about a new project that I invented only for Plato's Foundation. I came to tell you about a project I lead since august, 2016.

Many of you already knew, but for the ones that still don't know about us, allow me to introduce you all The Alcateia - Resistance Hero Hunters of eBrazil

It's been almost a year since I created a Project here in Brazil, called "Alcateia". I run this project since day 3198, and it already helped 94 different citizens since it started (94 without counting the one's who joined extensions of the project).

When I created it, I thought about making a way to lower the number of brazilian players that quit the game, giving them a way to make a few golds faster. I knew the first members would be mostly weak citizens who don't spend real life money on eRepublik (like me).

The initial intention was to create a team, composed by different players with the same goal and helping each other mutually, like an alcateia. ("alcateia" is the same as "wolf pack" but in portuguese).

I created a MPchat and added all the ones who asked to join us. Once I did it, I started to share information about Training Wars for supporting (hour, region and countries, also commenting about possible risks).

Our members debate if they think we should support a war or not, help new RH hunters when they have doubts, report when they won a medal or if they lose, inform when there's regions opened for support, and ask for help if necessary (if somebody needs help to push the wall for a division, as an example).

It all started as a "test phase" but everything worked really well, and the Project Alcateia lasts until now. And don't think we're wanting to end it. I plan to run the project until the game reaches its last days (I like eRepublik, so I hope it takes a long time).

I'm really proud of my hunters and proud of what the project has already provided to the participants, to eBrazil and to eRepublik. At first, I thought it would be only a way to make members get gold easily, but now I see it also works like a place where we can chat with other players, learn and teach about the game, make a few friends and even get a new reason to play.

Some even says it is the best brazilian project nowadays. 🙂


Even if the name is "Alcateia - Resistance Hero Hunters of eBrazil", you don't need to have a eBrazilian citizenship. All you have to do is speak portuguese and you can join the Team. Players have to be at least level 25 and send me friendship request.

The MPchat, once created, will operate for 3 weeks (at the beggining it was 2 weeks) and then we release a recruting article, where players who wanna join us can comment asking to participate.

They have to be at least level 25, speak portuguese and send me (lobo gothic) friendship request. No matter which country they have citizenship, which MU or party they belong (or even if they don't belong to a Military Unit or a Party), they will be welcome here as any other player.

Once the new MPchat is created, the members who asked to leave, breached any Alcateia rules or did nothing along the three weeks are removed and the members who asked to join Alcateia Team are added. Right now we are at the 19th MPchat.


In order for a Resistance War to start, 10 different players need to support that war. In order to support it, you have to be at the same region the resistance war is about to start and have at least 1000 currency in your account.

Once you go to the right region and refresh the homepage at the right time, you will see, right below the country news, the support button.

If the war wins, and it will probably win, you get 5 golds and a Resistance Hero Medal.

Depending on how lucky you are and how much time you have, you can make a bunch of golds easily, along with a whole new motivation for playing eRepublik.

If the resistance is not successful, you will lose the 1000 currency and be blocked for a week. Since we'll be dealing with Training Wars, the chance of losing the war will be really minimized, so it's almost sure you'll get the RH and the golds.


Once you have level 25, you are able to support Resistance Wars. But, even still, anyone can support, but not every Training War.

No one here is online 24 hours a day, so there's a lot of wars you won't be able to support because of the time.

You can't support a Resistance War if you already supported another Resistance War and it has not finished yet, or if you're waiting for it to start.

Keep in mind that Training Wars are highly safe for support, sometimes you'll be competing with a lot of Resistance Hero hunters and there's only 10 supporting spots per war. You'll have to be faster.


I don't charge anything. Members don't have to pay and I refuse donations if they try to give me.

And I don't even tell you what to do with the money you make by supporting Training Wars, use the golds as you wish.

The only costs you might have are if you support a troublesome Resistance War and we have to put a Combat Order to make it be sucessful. In this rare cases, the Combat Order value will be shared with all members who are supporting that troublesome war.

DETAIL: I don't take responsability if members support an unsucessful Resistance War. If it wins, you get the golds. If it loses, deal with that. Even the prettiest rose has thorns.


There a few basic rules, in order to create a harmonious MPchat for all:

1- Opinions and votes has the same importance no matter who you are;
2- Members should be respectful to each other and avoid fighting, mainly for external affairs;
3- No one should use offensive words or bad language, always keeping in mind that there's female players beetwen us.

Well, I guess this is all the main information I could give about the Project Alcateia. I hope the community and the admins find my project applicable for Plato's Foundation.

I'm sure this recognition would cheer me up to continue my work for the eRepublik portuguese speakers community, and with the golds Plato might donate I could use to start competitions with prizes to my RH hunters (we already compete to see who gets most resistance hero medals per team but there's no prizes yet).

The next MPchat should start August 21st and will be the MPchat number 20. The project already helped many players so as the eCountry. (in fact, most of us have eBrazilian citizenship).

Great part of eBrazilian citizens know I always tried to help eRepublik community, as a journalist writing articles with first steps for new players, also I am the last active eRepublik mentor in eBrazil. Me and my hunters hope we can count with the community and Plato's support 🙂